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May 28, 2019
When you decide to shop for office cubicles online, why look anywhere else when there’s Cubicle World, where we can deliver any type of cubicle that you can think of, and we know that we have something for you. Either new, used, or refurbished, you can leave Cubicle World with the perfect cubicles that still fit your budget.

Experience considerable savings when you buy office cubicles online through our factory direct sales channel. Our fully operational fabrication center, which resides within our Northwest Houston warehouse, has allowed us to custom-build cubicles to your exact specifications of your choice, and at discount prices.

When you’re looking for some interesting variation on the workstation, we offer office cubicles online at a significantly lower price point than comparable versions available through retail centers. Jerry has spent years amassing a vast supply chain that allows us to source materials that are competitively priced. This means more savings for you and a guarantee that your desired cubicle comes to you at a level below well below your maximum budget.

Virtually any office cubicle online that you can imagine can be sourced upon your selection or built in our own fabrication shop to give you the right workstation per your own specifications. Every dimension of a cubicle’s design, construction, and installation, as well as repair, can be left in the hands of Cubicle World to meet your work flow needs, no matter what your profession or industry.

We own our very own fleet of trucks, a fact that has opened the possibilities of how we can service our customers. We have no problems delivering locally, and as long as your business is located within the lower 48 states, we can go beyond Houston city limits to get to your doorstep, business, school, healthcare facility, government agency, you name it. We can remove those costs otherwise related to moving and storing your office cubicles online. We also provide free installation of your cubicles as well. Our installers at Cubicle World work closely with you, other staff, and building management to find the right time to schedule a move with as little disruption of office workflow as possible. And naturally, we clean up after ourselves.

Cubicle World’s extensive supply chain and distribution channels make it so that we have access to pre-manufactured name-brand office cubicles online, as well as cubicles that we can custom-build for you, using any of literally thousands of competitively priced materials, all at a cost that will always satisfy your budget, not just your tastes.

With Cubicle World you can create a lovely workstation that’s well-built and comfortable for any user. Your preferred style can be presented with a traditional look using solid wood, or it can speak to a more contemporary mindset, with many materials to choose from. Laminates, wood veneers, fabric, plastics, glass, and metal can be used individually or in a fun and exciting combination that gives your office a modern touch.

One popular look among office cubicles online is the L-shaped modular workstation, pictured above. It isn’t just attractive but space-efficient in that it can utilize the awkward corner spaces of your office if that’s your preferred location. This workstation utilizes a two-wing work surface that conveniently spreads out the tools of your daily workflow, such as a computer, a copy/scan/fax machine, and a telephone. The meeting point where the surfaces join is perfect to put your computer monitor system. Its chamfered profile complete with a sliding keyboard tray makes these office cubicles online more comfortable to work at for hours at a time.

The mid-height panels that border this workstation is a great way to regulate openness and privacy. They cap off the ends of your desk to provide wraparound privacy. The walls aren’t so low that just anyone to strike up a conversation with you, plus the use of fabric can offer a good amount of acoustical performance to block or deaden unwanted sound that carries. However, the walls aren’t they so tall that you feel isolated from the rest of your office. A glass insert can help symbolize a connection between you and your surroundings, as well as emit extra light. Office cubicles online offer plenty of opportunities for you to outfit your work space with the right storage elements. For a more compact workstation, you can include under-desk items, such as a lateral file cabinet as well as a rack that suspends your computer monitor. A hovering binder shelf can clear your work area if you need to save space.

If you want to engage in a free consultation to see what Cubicle World can offer, with no obligation to purchase, then give us a call at Cubicle World. With our wide selection, we’ll help make it a breeze to find office cubicles online that will fit your work space. Make sure to ask us about our free space planning services, and keep in mind that any order you want to ship with is will be free. Don’t hesitate to call Cubicle World today!

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