Office Cubicles with a Modern Touch

Modern Office Cubicles
February 10, 2022

The value of workspace has a big meaning for your employees and business. Office cubicles offer an organized work setting that keeps the work atmosphere flowing. You are probably getting tired of the same old and boring cubicles at your office, but now is the best time for an upgrade. Let’s start planning a new modern design that will give a bright start to the new business year.  

Small Changes can Make a Big Difference

The future of office cubicles is here and you have come to the right place! It is time to modernize your office space with Cubicle World, and we are here to help! We not only maximize your office space for efficiency and productivity, but we also offer a modern touch you cannot get from simply buying cubicles online. Most companies will buy cubicles online and then will have to purchase additional installation services from furniture installation companies. With Cubicle World, your free quote will include the product, the delivery, AND the set-up. How much greater can it get? Hey, thanks for asking – with us, you will get a modern office layout manufactured or refurbished in house, too!  

Office furniture and workstations impact your business and employees more than you think. In fact, employers are finding that office spaces really dictate employees’ desires to work in office at all and even retain talent. Not only is it critical to think about the employees working onsite, but the times have also changed and we need to consider those who are offsite, too. Where are the clients meeting? What about consultants? Are you hiring people out of state, or even out of country? What can your office do to maximize and modernize the space to accommodate the hybrid working and meeting modalities of the future? Together we will plan and design a modern working space that will benefit your business and employees.  

Why Modernize Your Space? 

The benefits of workspace modernization and optimization are endless! Refreshing your cubicles can liven up your workspace and reinvigorate the culture within your workplace. The term “office cubicle” has totally changed. In the past, an office cubicle meant the 4×4 small space an employee sat in for 8 hours a day working on a computer. This probably wasn’t the ideal setting for any employee, but that’s how businesses functioned in the past. Additionally, cubicles often sit at the center of an office floor without efficiently utilizing space for easy flow in and out of the space for employees.  

In 2022, the modern office cubicle has to offer the same benefits of working from home, such as privacy, while also implementing the advantages to working in an office like social interaction and collaboration. So, the modern office cubicle has to live up to its name by actually being new and refreshing. Think of new shapes, outlines, and using different floor space areas than before. A new revamped space has to actually be that in order for employees to feel like it is something new.  

For the past two years, businesses have been filled with uncertainty and constant pivoting. So, whether your office is going hybrid or fully back in office, new cubicle spaces can provide a refreshing start for your organization.  

Modern Changes to Make Now  

  • Increase privacy if desired – frosted glass, sliding doors, doors in general, or increased height in walls 
  • Increase collaboration if desired – shared spaces or smaller height in walls 
  • Allow for creativity – dry erase walls, walls that allow personal items or accomplishments to be hung and displayed easily, movable walls to diversify a space  
  • Allow for variation – combining workspace types in a single office space where some workstations have doors and are closed off for privacy, and shared workspaces that allow for collaboration and can be easily moved 
  • Increase meeting areas for smaller needs like 1:1 conversations or hybrid meetings with one person onsite and another offsite without taking up an entire conference room 
  • Modernize technology and increase access to remote set-ups for clients, consultants, or employees that may not be onsite every day 

The benefits are not just inherent to a physical workspace, either. Modern office layouts and office cubicles can:  

  • boost employee mood and confidence, and thus productivity.  
  • increase efficiency in terms of having spaces designed for multiple or set purposes (meetings, individual work, collaboration time). 
  • support company culture and office expectations. 
  • develop workflow and output.  
  • update outdated office norms and traditions. 
  • demonstrate your commitment to employee safety and health. 

While the benefits of a modern workspace are endless, we know it is not necessarily easy or cheap to revamp an office space – but that’s why Cubicle World can create a plan that will work for you. Even if office space modernization is not at the top of the list for 2022, we know businesses and companies everywhere are looking to retain talent and foster the long-term success of their organization going into the future.

So, if you want a simple way to grow or support your current employees and business simultaneously, let us help. Our consultations are commitment and cost free. We also will ensure your layouts and designs are custom tailored to your needs and budget. Investing in your space is an investment in yourself, your business, and the people who keep it all going.   

Establish a Modern Workspace Today 

The Cubicle World guarantee is that you cannot go wrong with our furniture workstation services. Take advantage of the here and now for your very own personalized modern office layout. Start 2022 off strong with a revitalized space and see how office cubicles with a modern touch can completely transform your space and business.

Whether you need help creating a vision or have ideas in mind, our Cubicle World experts will provide top customer service to meet your needs. We provide what others cannot: service, expertise, set-up, delivery, affordability, warranty, and happiness guaranteed – all in one. With us, you get the whole package.   

What are you waiting for? Get your free quote today! 


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