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January 6, 2017

You’re going all out, buying new (or refurbished) office furniture and cubicles all at once. While you know what has worked for you with your current furnishings, keep in mind that today’s office furniture and cubicles have new features and functions that may not exist in what you have now.

Office Furniture

Remember Comfort

Comfort includes how you and your employees feel working at your desks and sitting in your chairs. Is it easy to move around at your desk or do you have to stretch too far? Is your chair comfy or do you feel that hard seat or those heavy springs as you sit? Are drawers easy to open? Do you have sufficient room in which to work?

Keep the Expenses Down

The most expensive office furniture may not always be the best. You can still get attractive, fashionable furniture, pay less and still get a great bargain by shopping carefully.

Along with visiting us here at Cubicle World, visit estate sales and compare the prices and quality of the office furniture you may find. Wouldn’t you rather pay for the features you need and high quality without paying for the brand name?

Function is Vital

Does the furniture fit into its spaces? Does it meet all of your needs? These are the two biggest questions you should answer as you are looking for office furniture.

If the desks holds all your supplies, but it’s too big for your cubicle, it’s not functioning in the way you need. Measure the furniture, then measure the area in your cubicle where it will sit. If you don’t have room to move around, keep looking.

Take Clutter into Account

Purses, messenger bags, piles of paper and files, pencils, tablets, the phone, note pads and your laptop or desktop computer should all have their own space. If they don’t, it’s clear that you don’t have enough room to keep clutter to a bearable minimum. Clutter distracts you and gives a poor impression to visitors.

Office Cubicles

The Space Factor

Now that you’ve moved on to looking for cubicles, take the furniture measurements you made earlier. Try them out in different cubicles and consider only those cubicles in which your new furniture will fit. “Measurements and space” also cover whether every cubicle fits into your office space.

Comfort Again

Noise factors into comfort. If your staffers can’t work because the noise levels are too high for them to concentrate, you’ll need to make modifications with freestanding dividers and taller cubicle walls. If people walking by can see employees working with confidential information, they are going to feel uncomfortable doing so.


Factor in additional privacy measures as you begin to choose cubicles and divider walls. Those confidential materials are going to be hidden several times a day as those workers try to hide them from other workers or visitors passing by. Perhaps these workers should sit in cubicles with doors.

Again, Budget

You should have identified a budget number within which you would work as you ordered cubicles. Since you’re ordering both cubicles and office furniture, you may want to consider buying refurbished/re-manufactured cubicles. They are just as good as new, at 30 to 50 percent of the list price of new cubicles. Find the cubicles and furniture you need at Cubicle World.

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