How To Scale Office Desks and Furniture Cubicles To Office Size

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December 7, 2018

Office desks and furniture cubicles don’t have to be treated as permanent fixtures in your office, especially as your office is undergoing major changes. Oftentimes, especially if you’re a rapidly growing company that has hired new people, you may find that your static office space is insufficient to support an expanding team. You may have to scale down the size and footprint of your office furniture in order for it to comfortably fit into your office. Thanks to their modular and highly configurable nature, office desks and furniture cubicles can easily be scaled down in order to work with shrinking floor space.

When you’re running a business, office space becomes limited as the number of your office desks and furniture cubicles increase. It becomes increasingly necessary to let office design layout specialists plan your expansion. If you let professionals guide you in the design and construction of your cubicles, you won’t be disappointed in the results: a comfortable work environment that allows you and your employees to effortlessly move through space in order to focus on more important work-related personal tasks. This is worth keeping in mind, and not just from an aesthetic point of view. Having an office that’s too small to comfortably support your employees, such as when it’s crowded by over-sized office desks and furniture cubicles, can have negative effects on mental and physical well-being and therefore serious consequences in how your company operates. Some workers might feel claustrophobic, making it difficult for them to do even the most menial tasks. A space that feels cluttered by the bulk of unwieldy workstations can be a distraction and a mental block, not to mention an environment that is continuously awkward and exhausting navigate.

These issues can be addressed by hiring a professional space planner who has many years of experience assessing interior spaces for the best fit of office desks, furniture cubicles, and other office furnishings. The first step is for the planner to measure the entire space that will contain your employees and cubicles. Once that step is complete, all furniture including filing, storage systems, and office equipment is accounted for and measured. If your company just hired new employees or is planning to do so, this would be the time to determine how many additional office desks and furniture cubicles will be needed All drawings are to scale in order to know exactly what space your working with. Once we’ve determined the perfect size and layout for your new workstations, our workers build the approved cubicles based on specifications in the drawings.

Having a basic understanding of office desks and furniture cubicles can be helpful in the space planning process. Given their modular, template-like “kit of parts” nature, it’s relatively easy to scale down their features in number and size. If a certain feature is unnecessary for the type of work an employee does, it can be removed from the final design. File drawers and overhead storage bins can be included, work surfaces can be shortened, walls of almost any type of material can be decreased in height, or just punctuated by glass paneling to increase light and openness.

Naturally, the sizes of some office desks and furniture cubicles are more popular than others, depending on what kind of workflow they support. For the average office worker, you can expect a cubicle of about 8’x8’ to be popular. In the case of administrative and telephone support, it’s closer to 6’x6’ for adequate space. If employees share the same department or duties, it may be a good idea to save space by replacing any individual workstations with multi-user clusters or pods, such as those with the “dogbone” configuration. When it comes to increasing office desks and furniture cubicles, this is a great space-saving concept that offers an environment for collaboration among like-minded employees while balancing it with a need for some valuable personal privacy.

Begin exploring space-saving solutions by contacting us at Cubicle World. We provide our space planning services along with CAD drawings free of charge and with no obligation to purchase any of our office fixtures, including office desks and furniture cubicles. Cubicle World founder and President, Jerry Mogyorody, has decades of experience in space planning in a variety of unique office settings and spatial parameters. Give Cubicle World a call today to find out how Jerry can preserve function, comfort, and aesthetic appeal in your workspace as your business grows!

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