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May 31, 2019

From the selection and construction of your office furniture to its planning within your office, and down to its delivery and installation, we’re there for you every step of the way as you strive to envision your perfect work environment and make it a reality.

Cubicle World provides turnkey free delivery as well as cubicle and office furniture installation as we pick up any of your old furniture too. We make sure that how we charge for these services comes down to your choice—by the hour or at a set rate–and we give you a quote for the installation accordingly.

Some companies charge only on an hourly basis, which can cost you more in the long run if unexpected situations come up that extend the move. No matter how you choose to be charged for office furniture installation, we make sure to deliver the quote far in advance. Additionally, no matter what circumstances might change aspects of the relocation, we stand by the quote we give you.

We also help you to get a return on the cubicles and furniture that you’re giving up. Aside from the option to buy it back, we can also help you to liquidate it instead so that, as our customer, you can get a tax write off.

You may have now or at one time thought that you can install your furniture yourself and that hiring a professional office furniture installation company is simply an extra step you don’t need. However, it’s likely the wisest decision to make in that regard. The people who work for the company are trained professionals who know just what they’re doing.

If you were hoping to use your own employees, it may save some time and money but it could be a bad idea overall. Most office furniture is fairly heavy and difficult to maneuver. Any employees handling it can risk serious injury, especially if they aren’t used to doing the heavy moving. Have us do the job instead, where this kind of work is many of our employees’ day-to-day.

Since our professionals are highly experienced in office furniture installation, they will know how to properly and safely package your cubicles, as well as unpack them with care as they get them ready for reassembly and installation. They’ll break down the boxes the furniture was in and take them to the designated area for disposal.

The actual assembly, or reassembly, is also something better left to the professionals. This job may seem easy, but it can be a bit complex as various parts and pieces have to be matched together and fitted. Our people move quickly and efficiently through the office furniture installation process as they put together individual units as well as join them into larger pods for employees that will be working in groups.

Each of our cubicle installers have undergone thorough factory training and become appropriately certified for assembly and installation of all kinds of office furniture. Their training includes the installation of cubicles from various brands.

One way is to ensure a lower cost on office furniture installation is with a free space plan of your office. Planning where your cubicles will go is as important as selecting and purchasing them. In fact, the form of your cubicles will ideally be a response to space they’ll be used in. Cubicle World owner Jerry Mogyorody has been in the cubicle and furniture business for over 25 years now.

However, Jerry got his start in the design of custom high-density filing systems, where he aimed to make the most efficient use of a company’s office space as well as to reduce cost. After carrying this skill over to the office furniture installation business, these services work seamlessly together to provide you with excellent results.

With space planning, we make sure to do our work with considerable focus on detail—something that goes beyond that of competing office furniture installation businesses. We know that a one-size-fits-all mentality just isn’t feasible when imagining the possible configurations and forms that your unique space can take. We take all implications of the space planning process into account.

We see the important role that aesthetics and comfort fill in the workplace, and visual appeal and stylishness do have a place in the happiness and morale of employees. However, unlike a considerable number of other office furniture installation companies, we go beyond those considerations alone.

We base our space plans on an analysis of the cost per square foot, ensuring you that we know you’re still a business first and that making money isn’t just something you put on the backburner. A workflow that can help to increase productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profit is one that yields a return on your investment of the office space you’re occupying.

Very few companies wear the number of hats that we do, nor can they boast having own their own factory as we can. Cubicle World goes way beyond the job of office furniture installation and into the world of manufacturing and distribution with the support of an expansive network of global manufacturers and a massive supply chain that can bring the costs of any cubicle you desire to do within your budget.

This is because there are literally hundreds of materials we can source, all at various competitive price points, to create a workstation that meets all of your requirements, functionally, aesthetically, and financially. With all of this, we can even consistently come in UNDER the cost of their retail counterparts. Cubicle World may just be the only office furniture installation company that can say that.

Give us a call here at Cubicle World. Whether you’re planning an office move, or even if you’re staying put and just wanting to replace your old furniture with new, we provide excellent office furniture installation services by highly-trained professional staff so that you don’t have to lift a finger. With every purchase you make, you’ll receive your office furniture without any shipping costs. Contact us today!

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