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December 8, 2015


Office Furniture Workstations & Systems

If your company is located in or near Houston, you have probably gotten a good idea of what office furniture stores are nearby. You’ve probably heard of Cubicle World, which sells furniture systems and cubicles. If you haven’t, then it’s time to introduce you to our company, its products and our top-notch customer service.


Situated in Houston for just over 30 years, Cubicle World’s experts have over 40 years of combined knowledge and experience in furniture systems and cubicles. Our staff of experts can answer your questions and advise you in choosing the cubicles you need for your company.

They will also help you in laying out your new cubicles when it’s time to have them installed. If you haven’t decided how best to design your new office layout and utilize the space you have, our expert consultants can help you there as well. Don’t worry about having to take photos or drawings to our office – our professionals will visit your office when it’s convenient for you, so they can help you create the most efficient office layout. Best of all, this consultation and planning are free of charge.

Selling More Than Fifty Office Lines

If you’re looking for a specific type of furniture system, Cubicle World can help you by showing you one of the more than 50 lines of cubicles, furniture, filing systems and panel workstation systems.

If one system catches your eye, we’ll help you decide whether it’s the system that will meet the needs of your company and employees. If you have work groups, you’ll need to have workstations that will fit together in one system. If you have IT, HR or management who need more quiet and privacy, our consultants will be able to show you which furniture systems will best meet their needs.

Expert Help with Furniture Workstations

You’ve seen so many furniture systems and workstations offered by different vendors that you’re not sure just what will best fill your company’s needs. Do you need System A, even though you won’t get the colors you want or need? Should you opt for System B, even though the configuration options are too limited?

Once our consultants have helped you to create a workstation layout that best fits your needs, allow us to point out which systems in our stock will fit those needs. Branding, configuration, and product availability all factor into your final decision. Allow us to help you arrive at the best decision for your company.

Get Help with Office Furniture Installation

Once you’ve ordered the workstations that will best meet your company’s needs, you’ll need help having them installed when they are delivered. While you and some members of your staff may believe that you can fit each piece together, for the sake of your workers’ safety, it’s best to allow our professionals to put each cubicle workstation together. You’ll need our professional installers to configure and put individual workstations together when they are being set up in a pod system.

Why should you rely on our installers? They have the training, knowledge and tools they need to set up and install each workstation so it is as safe and sturdy as it can be. Browse our workstations with our company when you are ready to decide what your business needs.

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