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March 3, 2016

Office Furniture Workstations On Sale Now!

It’s that time – you’re getting ready to buy new office workstations. Fortunately for you and your staff, you and your managers have been keeping detailed notes about what is right and wrong with your current workstations. Your employees were not shy about telling you when something doesn’t work or feel right. They have also been upfront in telling you about features they like in their current workstations.

Remember This Equation: Quality Over Price

Yes, you have a budget you need to stick to. You want to make sure the new workstations you buy will stand up to several years of daily use. You want them to look good and complement your office decor scheme.

At the same time, you don’t want to spend too much money, because you have other large purchases to consider. As you look at those lower-priced workstations, you may be tempted to order right now, and apply the savings to those upcoming purchases. Don’t. You may also sacrifice good quality by doing so.

Develop a Shopping and Buying Plan

First, you’re going to decide your buying budget. This should include optional parts for each workstation, delivery and on-site assembly, unless you have a separate budget for these.

Second, you need to identify those manufacturers and wholesalers that have the workstations you’re most interested in.

Third, contact those wholesalers and manufacturers and begin finding out whether you’ll be able to qualify for any discounts, how much more you pay for options, such as fiber tile or glass toppers, shipping and installation

Get Employees’ Input

Once you have all of this information from each wholesaler or manufacturer, talk to your employees. Show them photos of each workstation you’re considering and allow them to give their input into which workstations you’re thinking of ordering. It’s not time to make your decision yet, because you have some additional work to do before placing your order.

Always Choose Comfort Over Looks

Visit each manufacturer and wholesaler so you can give each workstation a “test drive.” That’s right. You’re going to sit down in each workstation and check them out for comfort.

Sit where the computer and keyboard would be placed. Can you reach the overhead bin easily? Is the filing cabinet close enough? Is it easy to open and close doors? Will you have sufficient room for storage of files, office supplies, your personal items and purse or messenger bag?

Order Workstation Colors that Complement Your Color Scheme

Before you order, you need to keep your office’s color scheme in mind. This might be a critical part of your branding, so it’s vital to keep these colors going.

If you are the most impressed by Workstation A, then you find out the color scheme clashes, you may be able to get a scheme that complements that of your office. If you can’t, then you’ll need to order Workstation B, which does complement your color scheme. When you know what you want, it’s time to contact us here at Cubicle World. Browse our workstations and find everything you need.

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