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May 31, 2019

When you’re looking to outfit your work area with office space cubicles, you don’t have to go any further than Cubicle World. With all of the services that we provide, including those that are complimentary and obligation-free, you don’t have to bother with the hassle of calling other local office furniture manufacturers or wholesalers.

Selecting an office space cubicle can be a simple purchase—but only if you simply don’t care to make your work environment an enjoyable one for yourself and your employees. Office furniture is a major investment for your business and it’s imperative that you make an informed decision if you’re looking to minimize your costs.

It may be tempting just to select the least expensive cubicles, going by the notion that cheaper is better. However, keep in mind that in doing so you can risk buying a product that’s not only shoddily made but which also barely supports the work habits of their users as well as the company workflow as a whole. Try to keep the “work” in workstation when making your decision.

When you think of the cost in purchasing office space cubicles, don’t think just in terms of tangible dollars. Think also about the bigger picture as well. Thinking in terms of the happiness and productivity of your employees can lead to the success of your business.

Things affecting those factors can be as basic as a cramped workstation, partitions between coworkers that do little to reduce noise, useless storage features, and even personal workspace that’s too sprawling. Luckily, there are so many customizable features that can be specified in creating today’s modular workstations that you can always find the perfect match for each individual.

When you make a purchase as large as a complete set of office space cubicles, make sure that you take advantage of our free-of-charge office layout design services. Efficiency at the office isn’t just about the features that cubicles take. It’s also about how they’re placed relative to one another in the office.

What do your newly-purchased cubicles matter if they’re taking up valuable space? Keeping them at an appropriate size, or simply not crowding them together, can make it a pain for you and your employees to navigate the work environment.

Jerry’s years of experience in space planning, as well as his desire to all he can for his customers, guarantees that you get the perfect office layout of office space cubicles that works with the needs of your company and your employers. Be sure to call Cubicle World to discuss our space planning process, which includes a full assessment of your business, as well as a to-scale CAD drawing of your office with all included office furniture, to be approved by you before any work is done in bringing your office space cubicles to life.

On top of being a distributor, Jerry has also positioned Cubicle World as a manufacturer with its own fabrication shop and a vast supply chain that yields thousands of competitively priced materials. This way, we can make sure that no matter what office space cubicle you specify, we’re bound to give you exactly what you want at a cost that is sure to come under budget.

Whether it’s solid wood, laminate, glass, metal, or any other materials, we can be sure to create the perfect workstation that also comes to you free of charge, anywhere in the lower 48 states, with the help of our own fleet of trucks.

Specifying the storage features that will go with your office space cubicles can be a really fun aspect of choosing those workstations that will benefit your business. However, this tends not to be a case of “more equals better.” In fact, more individual storage features can even hamper workflow and productivity, and at a price to boot. Don’t get pulled in by fancy storage features that have no business in your workstation.

Don’t bypass storage features that are necessary either. Are you a paperless office that does its work in the digital world and stores files on a server? Then your employees likely don’t need a file cabinet to be included in your office space cubicle. Does this same office require work that relies on manuals and binders of reference material? Then it may be good to include an overhead storage bin that includes LED task lighting on its underside.

As seen in the image, the overhead storage of your office space cubicles can be open as a way to display decorative items as well as reference materials, for a unique, personalized touch. If your company does rely on paper, then a small lateral file cabinet can be included, anchored to one of the two partition-capped ends that define the opening to your workspace.

The space between the desk and overhead storage can be wide enough for more personalizing décor and even double as a bulletin board if your walls are fabric, a material perfect for reducing ambient noise. Glass inserts that run along the top of your office space cubicle partitions can add a decorative touch that’s also functional in its ability to increase lighting into your workstation and brighten it.

However you do business, office space cubicles from Cubicle World will benefit your company greatly, thanks to their responsiveness to personal work habits. When you make the decision to buy cubicles, give us a call for a free consultation so that we can help you decide on the right workstations for your employees. When you’re finally ready to place your order with us, keep in mind that shipping is 100% free of charge. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

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