Open Office Cubicles

August 6, 2019

A lot of the coop environments people are using utilize tables for shared working spaces, but we see something even better on the horizon. We see open office cubicles shifting to cluster configurations that will allow for a dramatic workflow increase.

In the picture above, you can see a cluster setting that will enhance the productivity of their personal workspace with focus, while not keeping the business owner’s access to other professionals out of their reach. These open office cubicles are very efficient, considering that they are laminated tables containing half-screen walled partitions that are mounted on the backside edge of the table. Because these cubicles are very light, they can be reconfigured easily by one or two people.

A company with less than five workers using a cluster of open office cubicles, can easily work alongside each other without disrupting each other in the room. In the picture above, this is a company that has put a small conference table right by their cubicle cluster. This strategic alignment lets the owner talk to all the workers one by one in a group.

With this setup, strong bonds can be built by adding the central group of first hired employees, which can pave the way for very strong and focused company culture for a long time to come.

These open office workstations can be used in traditional workplaces as well. These workstation clusters will be great for research and development, engineering companies, as well as advertising companies that can segment their projects individually that are usually done by single employees on their teams.

A semi-open work environment like this makes sure that accountability is enhanced, while not making people feel overcrowded or micromanaged. Studies have proven that employees work better when provided ample space. Making that space into a group environment enables one to position corporate identity above personal ego. This builds stronger bonds between all working professionals with their success depending on one another.

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