Out with the Old Office Layout – In with the New! 

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February 10, 2022

A new office layout could be a great option when thinking of an office upgrade. Has your office been looking the same for some time now, and you are thinking now is a great time for a vibrant workspace? You’ve found the most promising solution right here, with us at Cubicle World. We create and design office layouts that will cater to all of your business needs. Change can be a good thing and we can help re-shift focus, energy and productivity for a better workspace.  

So, if you are looking for an office upgrade or makeover, then look no further because Cubicle World has everything you need. Our main goal for your business is to help you with all the things cubicles: office layout design, office cubicle systems, and desk layout ideas. Investing in your office space is an investment in your business and its people. Let’s make a new start for your business by creating a new office layout that you always imagined.  

Now is the Best Time for an Upgrade

So, why change your office space up, even if people seem happy or your workplace culture is where you want it to be? Well, even if your company feels stable or that things are in a good place, 2022 (and the last two years) have demonstrated that employee needs are shifting – and your office space needs to reflect those changes in order to retain your talent and continue upward growth patterns.

Some offices are fully onsite, some are fully remote with rentable workstations, and still others have gone hybrid. Whether your space has remained the same or decreased or increased in size, it is important to reflect the changes in company expectations within the workspaces that employees are expected to physically work in and from. Even with employees fully onsite, there is an increased demand for and reliance on technology, so just updating office layouts to increase access to outlets and charging stations is one move in the right direction. 

Let’s move Forward with a New Office Look  

Old office layouts (pre-pandemic) are considered prehistoric now and maybe that is a tiny exaggeration, but the point rests. The fact is: there is no more “cooler talk” by the boxed cubicles. Some people want privacy and others will need to be in collaborative meetings most of their day. Perhaps someone needs a private space to take a phone call in, away from everyone else.

Today’s new office layout designs require that flexibility and freedom for moving from space to space and separating social areas from quiet ones. Office cubicle systems have changed, and Cubicle World’s modern designs are a better representation of the current times compared to traditional and standard cubicles. The cubicle workstation does not have to be bland either. Trying new office desk layout ideas can also help freshen up the space and improve the person’s workspace for their productivity.  

Office Cubicles and Desk Layout Designs 

All of our products are custom-tailored to your office space needs while also utilizing existing space efficiently and for optimization. That means our office layout designs and cubicles are made to be ergonomic, safe, functional, and usable for the modern employee. No more just sitting in a box like standard cubicles are made to be. We create fun shapes and sizes to meet all your needs: privacy, health, collaboration, and communication in multiple modalities – yes, remote ones too!  

Where you work from contributes significantly to the success of you and your employees’ output, so you may as well be in a space that provides comfort, ease in access, mobility, and multiple functionalities. Today’s employees want fresh air and light, the ability to move around, and overall flexibility in their physical workspace. It is easy to keep office designs as is, but imagine how much it could positively change by freshening up your space and bringing in something new!  

Cubicle World specializes in cubicle workstations. We manufacture or refurbish onsite, and then will deliver and set up your new office space, too! We have freestanding and movable cubicles, in addition to different sizes, functions, patterns, and fabrics to choose from. Our experts will put together a proposal for your greatest satisfaction.  

Ready? Let’s Get Scheduled!  

Schedule a free consultation today without any commitment. Wouldn’t it be cool to even just see what we could do for your space? Our quotes are also transparent and hidden-fee free. Traditional office furniture and cubicle providers will simply waste your time, money, and available space.

We guarantee that our cubicle layout tool and design structures will give you the most bang for your buck and workspace. There is no “I” in team, but there are cubicles in Cubicle World – just waiting for you to customize and order them.  

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