How Partition Screens Can Replace Sheetrock Walls

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February 27, 2019

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As simple addition as a partition screen is to an office employee’s personal workstation, using one can really do wonders for your business in terms of worker morale and overall productivity. Here at Cubicle World, we deal in bringing you all things related to office furniture, and we’re proud to include partition screens in the mix.

A move into a new office or a makeover to an existing one can be exciting endeavor. It offers the opportunity to refashion the space into one that can better accommodate the daily workflow needs of your business and staff. However, while that poses a seemingly infinite number of possibilities, you may still feel that your office is lacking.

Often an office space may not have conventional, sheetrock rooms that could greatly help with such reorganization. Luckily, with partition screens, you don’t have to feel limited in how you can improve and divide your office space!

Sure, conventional rooms are excellent for organizing spaces in many ways. They can establish hierarchy by designating private offices for management and executive staff, or they can simply divide employees based on department or project.

They can also create an area of repose or meal preparation during breaks. They can act as an all-important space for meetings large or small where ideas can be shared and goals can be re-established.

However, with partition screens, all of this is achievable and more! Partition screens afford users a great solution to both office privacy and space division, but their flexibility and convenience unsurpassed by other office workspace elements, particularly sheetrock walls. Since they’re portable and often lightweight, they are very easy to use for their intended purpose and then put back into storage when not needed.

Depending on the materials, partition screens offer a great deal of privacy, both visual and acoustic. Studies have shown how important it is for office workers to maintain a reasonable sense of personal privacy in the office for improved focus, concentration and reduced stress. Therefore, partition screens are not only perfectly suited to create individual workspaces in a number of office settings, but they also have a flexibility that allows those workspaces to grow based on the spatial needs of their users.

These partition screens behave a lot like the paneling found in cubicles, offering the same level of privacy and separation from colleagues. Think of partition screens as being like those panels, only freed from their attached work surfaces and storage bins to expand and contain any amount of floor space its user deems fit. It’s just a matter of adding more units or specifying new dimensions. With the right number and size, you can also use partition screens to create multi-user zones.

You can divide spaces based on department as well as other functional or collaborative groupings of employees. Of course, you can also create an impromptu meeting area to suit different purposes, such as a conference room, a presentation area, a break room, or a space for job interviews or client meetings.

Featured in the accompanying video is one of our well-known partition screens called the work station screen, which can be used to instantly create private, windowed, professional-looking workspaces. These are excellent for offices, various meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and even exhibit spaces.

This screen comes in three variants: one-, two-, or three-panel configurations. This allows an accommodation of any space quickly and easily. You can even arrange a space that uses all three to meet just the right size requirements you have. Each panel is 70” in height and 33” in width.

Thanks to the 2” acoustical fabric supported by an aluminum frame, this partition screen helps to dampen sound to offer a high degree of acoustical privacy and noise control. This fabric surface also accepts hooks and tacks to post artwork, photos, calendars, and even a flat-screen television. A 24” acrylic window is set at the top of the panels to allow for visibility and light.

If you’re looking to add a little style to the workplace, these work station partition screens are available in many beautiful hues that you can select for coordination with your branding or just to add a dash of color to an otherwise drab office.

To add to the convenience of this mode’s use, no support from walls or desks is needed as well. This partition screen does feature a support base at each bottom corner of the unit for more durability. They take just minutes for easy attachment to the panel; all that’s needed is a screwdriver or an electric drill.

Another partition screen we carry comes in the form of a highly adaptive and configurable cubicle partition system. This system can be created from multiple elements whose sizes you specify to create an unlimited number and configuration of cubicle and workstation spaces.

The two-inch-thick acoustical fabric panels that comprise this lightweight system of partition screens offer optimal sound-dampening capabilities. Along with the 2”x2” silver, square anodized-aluminum posts set on footings, this becomes a durable and dependable system of partition screens.

Optional 24” windows help to brighten up the spaces you create, depending on the height of panel you specify. You can choose from fluted polycarbonate, clear acrylic, or frosted acrylic.

There are a number of sizes to choose from when considering the right posts and partition screen panels. It takes only a few minutes to build out your system in any layout you choose, thanks to its tool-less method of assembly..

First decide the sizes and color of your panels, posts, and window. Then, deciding the number you need of each partitioning element. Then it’s just a matter of sliding partition screen panel into post. Each post can accept one panel on each face, allowing an increase of partitioning in all four directions.

The great thing about this partition system is that it’s perfectly designed for the ability to grow with your company or to take shape based on the spatial circumstances of your office space. These partition screens are excellent when using them to creatively cluster employees into collaborative groups, whether by department or company project.

In any case, this product offers an endless number of privacy and space-organizing solutions for multiple users. Ultimately, your imagination is the limit. Just be sure to call us for more information on the many specifiable dimensions and sizes of posts and partition screen panels available, as well as available colors.

No matter the size or nature of your business, our portable partition screens are guaranteed to enhance your office space on multiple levels, including privacy, usability, flexibility, and beauty.

Contact us at Cubicle World and with our free consultation we can help to ensure that you’ll find the exact partition screens you’re looking for and at the right price. With any order you place, shipping is 100% free. So what are you waiting for? Give Cubiture a call today!

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