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April 22, 2019

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Cubicle World’s portable office cubicles are an excellent way to work at optimal performance no matter what shape your office environment takes. That’s because there are various configurations, sizes, heights, colors, and other features one can choose to make sure they’re getting the perfect balance of comfort, privacy, and accessibility to stay on task. This means an easy, no-hassle way to scale each workstation to the workflow and spatial needs of your employees.

Office layout can be a crucial undertaking in any work setting for various reasons. How you zone individual groups of workstations—based on employee function, noise control, team projects—can have an effect on the who company, for better or worse. Crowding can happen easily if you don’t locate workstations with a mind to save space. Portable office cubicles are an excellent investment since they can be a great help in satisfying any of those concerns.

The decision of purchasing new workstations or other furnishings is often made by businesses when first starting. While that’s a great time to decide on portable office cubicles, especially when you’re looking for a way to stay under a tight budget, any time is really a good time to make the change. In fact, it’s likely that you already have an existing workstation and you’re just looking to move offices.

That always brings with it the possibility of a completely new floorplan to contend with. What if you’re not relocating but looking for a change in layout? Do you think your current workstations have benefited the way you and your employees work and the circulation in your office? If not, this may be a good time to see what Cubicle World has in stock by way of portable office cubicles.

One of the best things about our portable office cubicles is their ease of assembly. You need absolutely no specially-trained professionals to carry, locate, or build out your workstations. You don’t even need a friend or coworker. In short, you don’t need to coordinate schedules with anyone here or wait for future dates. The posts and panels that comprise this workstation system simply slide into one another, and they get their support below from metal footings you fit them in.

While almost any job can be completed faster, the needed hands aren’t always available. Luckily, since these portable office cubicles from Cubicle World don’t need extra hands, you can have a full office erected by the very next day with just you alone. This minimally invasive and quick assembly means that old workstations can be switched out for new ones with minimal invasiveness or interruptions.

If using a conventional setup with multiple panels, you need no tools for your portable office cubicles. Only a minimal amount of tools and connecting hardware would be needed if you decide to have fin-like single panels extend from the supporting walls.

Portable office cubicles easily provide the right amount of privacy for when users need to shield themselves from the all-too-familiar visual and acoustical noise that a busy office can be rife with. As much as social interaction can be a good thing, it can compromise employee concentration at times when they need to get though the tasks of their workday. Our portable office cubicles provides several options to help employees negotiate that balance between collaboration and personal privacy.

Cubicle World’s portable office cubicles are highly adaptable and can heighten the creativity with which you envision your new workspace. The high level of configurability of our portable office cubicles is realized in the form of elements that can be mixed and matched to reach a perfect solution.

Those main elements of your portable office cubicle system are posts and panels, and each of them can be specified in two different heights: 4’ and 6’. The posts are made of an extruded anodized aluminum that has a sleek and modern appearance, while each stylish panel is of a 2” thick acoustical fabric that helps to block out noise for employees who are working during especially busy days.

Available panel widths are 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’ so that employees can have more control over their personal work areas. One can choose from a number of color options—more than 20 appealing hues can give each portable office cubicle a personal touch of style, put each employee in a positive and clear frame of mind, or reflect the branding and values of your company. Windows are also available for when you want that perfect balance of privacy and openness while still allowing plenty of light into your workspace.

After selecting the colors and sizes that you prefer for your portable office cubicle, you can then determine the number of panels and posts that you will need to build it out. As mentioned earlier, the assembly of your portable office cubicles couldn’t be easier, not just because of how lightweight these elements are, but also because of the sliding mechanism used to set up your self-supporting workstation.

Simply slide one element into another, either vertically or horizontally, depending on the element. When joining two panels together this sliding action can interlock both panel and post to any footing. Each extruded square post can accept a panel on each of its four sides, so you can create a repeatable pattern in two directions as compact or expansive as you like. In this way, your portable office cubicles can comprise of single, standalone workstations, smaller clusters of project team members, or larger departments or functional zones.

With the available sizes and configurations, you can go beyond the four-sided individual workstation with your portable office cubicles and create larger, open multi-user spaces as fit for a single department, or even a conference or break room. Join multiple panels to run in a straight line for a continuous barrier. Create 90-degree “L” shapes that run as a zig-zag to separate irregular areas. You can also build out simple four-unit clusters in a cruciform shape by sliding four individual panels into a single post.

Don’t hesitate to call Cubicle World for a free consultation about these highly adaptable workstations. With so many exciting ideas, which can work with any business of any size and in any industry. We want to know more about you, your employees, and how your company operates so that we can find the perfect portable office cubicles to your needs.

Additionally, with Jerry’s expertise in office space planning, don’t pass up the chance to ask for a free office layout, complete with measurements of your space and schematics of your new portable office cubicles in the perfect work environment for you and your employees. Speaking of free, we also guarantee free shipping with every order you place with us. So call Cubicle World today at (713) 412-3090!

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