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February 22, 2019
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Room Dividers – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

Cubicle World may have all your indoor office needs–including cubicles, office furniture, room dividers, and ergonomic chairs–yet we also have privacy room dividers for outdoor applications to satisfy your preference for exterior use as well. We equally value your needs of all kinds, so you can count on us to go beyond the modern office space to deliver high-quality, stylish, and elegant dividers to enhance any kind of space.

Have you ever heard the term “outdoor room”? It’s been used to refer to a special outdoor zone that’s designed for the entertainment or relaxation of one or many and which is often differentiated from its surroundings, possibly with the help of a built structure–perhaps a wood pergola or a low-set stone wall–or through natural landscape elements such as a row of hedges or trees. Luckily, you don’t have to be a landscaper or an architect in order to create an outdoor room. If you’re looking to spruce up your patio space for yourself or your family, and maybe even add an element of entertainment for guests as well, our privacy room dividers can help you personalize your space. Another great thing is that you can use these dividers indoors as well.

One of our favorite privacy room dividers that adds beauty and class to any outdoor room or patio it graces is our elegantly designed folding wicker three-panel or five-panel privacy screen. This divider consists of panels of single-sided, beautiful densely-woven wicker, which offers a sense of natural warmth to whatever space it graces. These panels are also set and framed out in durable steel, so you can count on a long-lasting product, no matter where you choose to use it. Between each panel you’ll find a versatile swivel joint, so you can vary the arrangement of your privacy room divider as it suits the flow of your design or the needs of those guests spending time in your outdoor room. The welded foot found at the bottom of each vertical post also features a mounting hole so that you can add to this screen’s stability by anchoring it into a flooring surface, whether it be tile or concrete. This offers you the option to make this beautiful product a permanent fixture in your outdoor room.

You can use this privacy room divider for any number of outdoor applications and no matter what, it will fit right in and act to enhance its surroundings. Of course it will improve the aesthetic quality of any full-fledged outdoor room you build, but it also goes for any simple porch, patio, or lanai. If you have an extensive outdoor space, and particularly if you’re given to entertaining, several of these wicker privacy room dividers can add a sense of privacy to seating areas for families or groups or friends. They can even hide more unsightly but necessary features of your backyard, such as hose reels, pool pumps, trash bins, and tool sheds. Placing them out in the open is no problem, as these screens are heavy-duty and made to survive tough weather conditions. This folding privacy room divider is available in a single height of 6 feet, with two choices in width of 6’ or 10’. The frame is also attached with pinch hinges for easy removal.

Our wicker dividers by no means have to be used outdoors only! Just as possible is its use in your bedroom or den. Your office or place of work is also definitely not off-limits for this privacy room divider. Its brown color and organic woven texture adds a warm and exotic touch as a privacy screen in your spa or salon, and it fits right in as a fixture in the locker room of a fitness center. If you work in the medical field it can enhance an often-needed sense of calm in visitors by adding a soft and homey feel to patient waiting rooms. Even if you own a restaurant, it can lend a touch of intimacy and class, indoors or on a patio, for when an intimate romantic dinner is in store for your patrons. One or many wicker privacy room dividers can be included as fixed or mobile partitions at a community pool or water park to denote “rooms” for groups such as visiting family or friends.

In true Cubicle World fashion, our folding wicker privacy room divider isn’t the only option we have available to enhance your outdoor room. For smaller-scale applications you may be interested in our single-panel divider, also made of our densely woven wicker and supported on either side by a 2”x2” heavy-gauge square aluminum post. It still serves the purpose of dividing one zone from another as part of your exterior space, but it can do so in a more elegant and understated way. This privacy room divider can also be staked into place thanks to the two ⅝” holes in each arched foot. You can choose from two heights–45” and 69”–whereas only a width of 4’ is available.

Another privacy room divider we have that’s perfect for outdoor use? A wicker counterpart to our indoor acoustical fabric office cubicle partitions! We carry a highly-configurable partition system composed of a double-sided inner panel of densely woven wicker and supported by 3”x3” aluminum square posts (sold separately). Consisting of two possible heights–3’10” and 5’11”–and a single width of four feet, these panels create a privacy room divider system that’s infinitely expandable and repeatable, thanks to the posts’ ability to receive a panel on each face. You can construct a linear privacy wall on the deck of your home or you can even build out an angled wall at each corner. Perhaps instead you own a restaurant, bar, or hotel whose design includes an outdoor social space. You can create a system of private niches outfitted with weatherproof seating and tables to create a series of group seating areas in any configuration you desire. These partitions are available in brown and black.

If you’re looking for a less organic look, our 18mm fluted polycarbonate is widely used as a material choice among our other, more indoor-oriented dividers. However, thanks to its thermoplastic nature, this privacy room divider can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures (from -40℉ to +240℉) as well as offer high impact resistance, making it perfectly suited to use in outdoor, industrial, and high-traffic applications. It’s available in a number of bright colors, though clear and black are also options, and several opacities are offered for your specification depending on the level of visual privacy you prefer. A privacy room divider in polycarbonate is great for when you want to imbue your outdoor room or other exterior setting with a sense of sleek modernity.

With privacy room dividers from Cubicle World, you can make your outdoor room unique and beautiful. It never hurts to contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help you find the perfect partitioning solution for your exterior space. From single-panel to multi-panel, from cozy wicker to sleek and modern polycarbonate, we’ve got a privacy room divider that will satisfy you. As if that weren’t enough, with every order you place you can enjoy our 100% free shipping. Give us a call at Cubicle World today!

Room Dividers – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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