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April 24, 2019

Just as professionals might be held to a different set of standards than other workers, professional office cubicles should be treated differently than the conventional office cubicle. Cubicle World has plenty of these types of cubicles, which can be customized as much as you need in order to provide you with the correct support for your typical workday.

Professionals bring a specialized set of technical skills and knowledge to the table in their respective fields, and often it’s up to them to expertly and ethically use those tools to satisfies the very different needs of one client to another.

Whether it’s an attorney, an editor, an accountant, a web developer, or an engineer, a high level of skill and focus is needed for professionals to do their work, because very rarely is it prescriptive or routine. This is where professional office cubicles come in.

Ideally, everyone who works in the office should have a workstation that can perfectly meet the requirements of their specific and unique work styles. In reality, this doesn’t always happen. Cubicles are usually treated with a misguided, one-size-fits-all mentality.

However, the professional office cubicle should never be treated as any other workstation and should be more like the object in the field. The way an attorney moves around their work area can be very different from that of a programmer. That’s why work surfaces and features can be so important.

The worksurfaces of your professional office cubicle can theoretically be made of nearly any material you want, but most desking systems are made from laminate or wood veneer. The laminate is an excellent material to use for this purpose. The way it’s manufactured means that virtually any pattern can be printed onto it.

Very commonly, laminate is used as a lower-cost alternative to wood when the wood is too costly or too unwieldy to include in the workstation, particularly if you prefer functionality in your professional office cubicle over style.

Woodgrain texture being applied to surface completes a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting desking panel with all the warmth and comfort of solid wood but at just a portion of the cost. The laminate may also provide a subtle compliment to other materials you decide to use.

The shape of your worksurface can also be crucial. Do you need a single slab that reaches from one side of your professional office cubicle to the other? You may enjoy an L-shaped desk when you like to break your worksurface into separate zones, especially if you like to use one for computer work and the other two spread documents or drawings out. Adding yet a third wing to create a U-shaped table. This extra wing can separate workspace from visitor space, making this shape a good idea if you meet clients regularly.

Your professional office cubicle will probably express its individuality the most in the types of features that are included in it. If you work in a field that manages a lot of documents and forms, such as healthcare, accounting, and education, then the more storage features the better.

Not quite, but paper management features such as lateral files, cubbies for various documents, and trays for binders, and drawers for paper tools and accessories—staplers, white-out, paperclips, and so on—might best be strategically included and located.

In the case of a programmer, very little storage may be needed, or it may be more tailored to computer hardware and storage devices. In probably all professional office cubicles, an overhead bin can be a great idea to minimize the use of floor space as it stores many books, binders, and documents that users often possess.

Many would say that low partitions walls are best for the professional office cubicle, and this may be true for some professionals more than others. Lower walls do provide a much more open atmosphere for the user, and the extra light that is permitted is a great help for executing any task.

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However, there are ways to make your professional office cubicle meet these needs while offering a level of privacy that’s sure to be appreciated. Often, professionals do what they do best when they can stay focused and concentrate through their workload. That means giving them maximum control of their level of visual and acoustical privacy. You may find that it’s actually high partitions that do the trick so that you can emphasize the “professional office” of your professional office cubicle.

There are ways, even with high partitions, that you can retain a sense of openness to your surroundings. How you treat the entrance to your workstation is one. Many professionals may not feel the need to include a door at the entrance, simply leaving an opening as any conventional cubicle would have.

However, a sliding door can be a good, space-efficient way to signify when someone can freely walk into your professional office cubicle when you don’t want to be disturbed. Sliding doors can take a number of forms or materials that can coordinate with the rest of your cubicle while still staying within your budget.

A powerful element to any workstation that can be added to the professional office cubicle is glass. This is just as true for professional office cubicles versus more conventional ones. Especially in the case of high walls, inserts of glass at the top of your panels can amplify the sense of openness. Task lighting is always a good idea, but maximizing the amount of light coming in within the parameters of your more private elements can do a lot for eliminating your reliance on it.

Glass can be pricy, particularly when customizes for etching or frosting, but you might find that it’s well worth it as an element in your professional office cubicle. Frosted glass is an excellent way to have visual privacy while bringing in diffuse lighting and still maintaining a sense of openness. Full glass panels can be frosted, or bands can be specified in strategic locations on otherwise clear panels.

Fabric partitions are an excellent source of both visual and acoustical privacy in professional office cubicles. Visual due to its opacity, of course, and acoustical because a soft partition such as fabric provides effective absorption of unwanted noise, particularly when built with a dense core to stop sound transmission.

Fabrics also offer some of the lowest costs of materials typically found in cubicles, so its choice in your professional office cubicle can keep your workstation cost-effective while easily maintaining a quality, professional appearance. There is an overwhelming amount of fabric options to choose from, particularly when you think of all the colors, textures, patterns, and types of fabric.

Call Cubicle World for a free consultation where we can discuss ideas for your professional office cubicles and help guide you to your perfect workstations. We can also set our many years of office space planning expertise to work for you as we provide you with a free office design layout drawing of your office space with your new cubicles in it.

Not only can we custom design your professional office cubicles in order to compliment both your environment and workflow; we can also keep the shipment of your order free of charge. Give us a call today!

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