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Office Cubicle System Design
December 17, 2019

Office cubicle systems are normally found in commercial offices and are used to enclose a particular workspace. Cubicle systems can also be described as office cubicles, cubicle desks or just cubicles. When workspaces need to be partially enclosed and isolated from their neighboring workstations, office cubicle systems present an excellent way to realize these ideals.

Cubicles are a major expense for any office. With the extensive assortment of styles and materials available today, there’s a price range for virtually any budget. But if you really want to conserve money, used cubicles are worth investigating.

At Cubiture, we have our own warehouse and manufacturing plant. That means you can select from a large selection of used cubicle systems, and they’ll be in excellent shape before they’re sold. If you’re shopping for new office furnishings, buying used offers a lot of benefits.

Don’t Let the Word “Used” Worry You

Used office cubicles aren’t normally in bad condition. Most, in fact, are in excellent shape. They’ve just had at least one other home before your office. And if there’s an issue, such as a missing part or an unbalanced partition, most as-is used cubicles can still be refurbished.

Because they are already in our warehouse, used office cubicle systems are fast to deliver and set up. They’re perfect for a new office or for furnishing an expansion. Their money-saving characteristics let you get on your feet fast, and without breaking the bank.

Work with an Office Cubicle Systems Pro

There’s a contrast between finding used furniture such as cubicles in a newspaper ad classifieds or on Craigslist and consulting directly with an office furniture expert. At Cubiture, we have years of expertise and know-how to help you find the right used cubicle system for your office.

With a furniture expert, you can see what you’re purchasing firsthand and get all of the main details, such as arrangement options, from someone who knows the industry. With a newspaper ad, you’re limited by the information of the seller, who might be an office supervisor who has no experience with office furniture. And you never know who you’ll meet.

Look for Durable Construction and Expandability

The most essential thing to look for in used office cubicles is solid construction. Everything else is repairable if need be. But a poorly made or badly designed cubicle isn’t good when it’s new, so it’s not worth your time if it’s secondhand. 

Another thing to recognize is that your office apparently isn’t static. Although you’ll save money on used cubicle systems, you don’t want to be locked into arrangements that don’t allow for growth. Ask about which choices, such as additional storage, built-in lighting, and locking drawers, are doable.

Think About Refurbished Used Cubicles

One of the greatest things about any used cubicle is that it can be renovated. Where as-is cubicles are the least costly of all, refurbishing gives you as much as 50 percent new materials on existing cubicles.

Cubiture are experts at refurbishing office cubicle systems. We offer hundreds of laminate choices, even more fabric options. If you like, desktops can be constructed from hardwoods or metal. It’s your choice. Refurbishing makes perfect sense for any office. It saves you funds, plus it also lets you customize your system precisely the way that you want them.

You have a lot of options in office cubicle systems, and they’re not restricted to brand new or worn out. There’s something in between, and that’s the used systems that Cubiture offers. You can buy as-is if you’re on a really tight budget, or you can work with us to create something that looks new. It’s your choice.

We also have free professional space planning, which means your cubicles will look great and configured perfectly to maximize space. Call us today at 713-412-0900 for a free quote.

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