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January 30, 2017

You have several reasons for choosing to buy re-manufactured office cubicles over new. Budget may be one of the biggest factors, because you will save significant funds by buying used/remanufactured.

Before you state your intent to buy the first group of re-manufactured cubicles you see, it’s vitally important you understand the buying process, or you may develop buyer’s remorse.

Understand “Re-manufactured”

When you look at an item bearing the word, “re-manufactured,” much more goes into your thinking process. First, yes, it is used. Look past that. That re-manufactured item has literally been rebuilt to its original specifications. Obsolete and worn-out parts will be removed and replaced as well. Meaning, while it isn’t “new,” it will operate as if it were new and will look new.

The re-builder examines every inch of every cubicle, looking for flaws and items needing repair. They order recycled parts to use in the re-manufacturing process. The recycled parts have been diverted away from the landfill, further helping the environment. Everything that goes into re-manufacturing the cubicles you’re looking at may have been recycled from other used items.

Visit Used Office Furniture Outlets

You’ll have to commit yourself to visiting multiple used office furniture outlets before you make your final decision. Not every re-manufactured cubicle is rebuilt to the standards you may need.

You’ll see this as you go from one store or outlet to another. Come speak to us at Cubicle World and we’ll be happy to show you our stock of remanufactured office cubicles. We’ll be happy to give you the time you need to compare our stock to that of other office furniture stores. Once you’ve done so, come back and talk to us about what you need.

Develop a Realistic Budget

When you buy re-manufactured office cubicles, you’ll save between 30 and 50 percent of the list prices of new office cubicles. Along with the quality of the office cubicles you’ll soon buy, this should be one of the biggest factors you consider.

As you’re browsing stores and websites, keep in mind that price isn’t the only factor to think about. You’re going to buy enough remanufactured cubicles to outfit an entire office, seating every one of your employees. Even with the savings you’ll enjoy, you’re still going to make a significant financial outlay, so you need to make the decisions best for your business before you buy.

Don’t Buy Without Warranties

You should always ask about and obtain warranties for every re-manufactured cubicle you’ll be buying. This protects your business should any one (or more) of your cubicles have a defect or need repair.

Compare warranties that each office furniture outlet offers so you choose the one that’s best suited to your company’s needs. Some warranties may be implied, telling you the re-manufactured cubicles are in a condition to be sold to you or another business owner/manager. Your new cubicles must reasonably conform to your expectations. You get what you see and each cubicle is what the vendor says it is. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and consider buying re-manufactured.

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