When are Refurbished Office Cubicles the Right Choice?

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October 1, 2018

Refurbished office cubicles are workstations which have been previously owned and used in an office. Instead of being discarded, they are rebuilt and restored with new materials for further use. Beyond the simple touch-up of “used cubicles,” refurbished office cubicles feature a greater depth of re-purposing. Once acquired from other businesses, they are inspected to ensure they meet certain standards, cleaned up, and repaired. The main structure is reused while partitions, desk surfaces, and paneling are replaced to your specifications.

Using refurbished office cubicles offers several advantages.

For more than half of our customers, price is the biggest selling point. If you were to buy new cubicle, you are paying for full costs of the entire manufacturing, distribution, and retailing that brought the product to the market. In the case of a refurbished cubicle, however, you are paying only a fraction of the cost of a new cubicle—approximately 1/3 of retail. A workstation that is 8’x8’ can be as much as $3,500 if you were to buy it brand-new. However, refurbished, that price can drop to as low as $1,200 in some cases.

This makes refurbished workstations an attractive choice for business looking to minimize cost and save money. This can be especially important to small companies who are subleasing their first office from a larger company. Rather than spending large sums on new office furniture, they opt for the lower cost of refurbished and wait until they sign their first office lease to purchase new office furniture.

Another plus in choosing refurbished office cubicles is environmental friendliness. Previously used cubicles have a lot of life left in them, so they most definitely can be used again and for many years. Imagine the thousands of pounds of landfill waste that’s being prevented from reusing and repurposing office cubicles with just a few repairs. Also, the amount of volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, is significantly lower in refurbished office furniture. Studies have found that refurbished cubicle systems can contain as much as 80% less VOC’s than new cubicle equivalents.

Refurbished office cubicles also offer you a greater range of customization. While you cannot change the size of the original cubicle frame, you can choose between hundreds of paneling and desk surface materials to give your workstations the right look for your corporate culture.

Refurbished office cubicles can look brand new to the average viewer. A lot of people see or hear the word “refurbished” and they get the impression that quality, performance, and looks are compromised in the product. This is not the case with office cubicles. Thanks to the level of workmanship and the nature of refurbishing cubicles—with brand-new materials that you choose to customize your cubiclesrefurbished office cubicles can look as though they came right out of the original manufacturer’s factory floor. Contact us today.

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