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Re-Manufactured Or Refurbished Office Cubicles
March 7, 2016

Tips To Buying Re-Manufactured Office Cubicles.

It’s that time of the year again. You need to buy new office cubicles, but orders have gone down and the economy is less than perfect. You look at your current groupings of cubicles and wonder if you can get another year or two of use out of them. Possibly, but why risk developing problems as the cubicles continue aging? You do have other options beyond buying new. Look at re-manufactured cubicles!

Develop a Workable Plan

Now that you know buying re-manufactured cubicles is an option, it’s time to create a plan that allows you to do so without going over-budget. Items you should include in your buying plan include:

º Evaluating what you currently have
º Interviewing staff
º Determining how many cubicle units you need
º Researching outlets for refurbished cubicles
º Contacting outlets and determining which will meet your needs

Consult Every Employee

Your employees – 100 percent of them – will be your strongest resource as you begin researching which cubicles you want to buy. Ask every employee what they appreciate and what they don’t like in the cubicles you currently have. Be careful, because their responses will run the gamut from “not enough features or storage” to “my cubicle is too small/big.”

You may have cubicles that can’t be customized to such issues as employee height and size or the need for additional storage. Remember that some of your employees work with or produce large amounts of paperwork. Without enough file storage, their cubicles are going to overflow with documents that can get lost.

Remember Comfort

Keep comfort and versatility in mind. Very tall employees? They need extra leg room as they sit in their cubicles. Husky men or petite employees? They either need extra room or to have the interior proportions of their cubicles adjusted accordingly so they can move around comfortably.

You may be looking at two sets of cubicles and unable to make a decision. One brand is really attractive while the other seems to be much more comfortable, yet not quite as attractive. Always choose comfort over looks.

Quality is Key

Just as with the comfort over looks question, you’re facing a choice of price over quality. The price of a set of cubicles is well within your budget, but you’re worried about quality. Another set of cubicles is high-quality, but the price is just a bit over your budget.

Opt for quality. If need be, ask about an additional discount for the higher-quality cubicles so you stay within budget. You get what you pay for – then you end up paying again, if you buy cheaper cubicles.

Look for High-Quality Refurbished Office Cubicles

There’s no shame in choosing refurbished cubicles. They aren’t cheap and you need to buy X number of cubicles. Narrow your search down to refurbished cubicles only and ask vendors about their quality. Test each cubicle you look at before you make your final decision. Once you know what you need, contact our experts at Cubicle World. Browse our cubicles when you know what re-manufactured cubicles you want.

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