How Cubicle World Makes Re-Manufactured Cubicles Look Brand New

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October 4, 2018

We are not making an idle boast when we say that we make re-manufactured office cubicles look brand new. Our Houston factory houses a furniture refurbishing and repair center where used office cubicles are re-purposed for resale to offices around the nation. Cubicle World’s vast and diversified supply chain allows us to affordably source all the materials needed to completely recondition a used workstation. Our experienced furniture repair team, seasoned by decades of experience, can take a drab, lifeless workstation that someone else slated for the trash dumpster and transform it into a treasure house of productivity, comfort, and style for the next generation. It is simply a matter of systematically replacing old surfaces and moving parts with new materials and components.

We begin with the frame.
Companies tend to liquidate cubicles that wobble from side to side. They also get rid of cubicles with desks with uneven work surfaces. These conditions are typically the result of an imbalanced frame. Either one or more feet have broken off from the bottoms of the frame supports, or one of the struts in the frame has warped over time. To restore balance to re-manufactured office cubicles, we replace the defective strut and feet with new components that stabilize the entire structure.

We then repurpose the workstation desk.
Desking systems consist of either laminate or wood veneer glued to a particle board core. Typically, this particle board core retains sufficient integrity that we only need to replace the surface materials to restore refurbished office cubicles to near factory conditions. We strip all of the old surface material from the particle board, sanding off the old glue and preparing a new, smooth surface for reconditioning. We then find a veneer or laminate source whose price point matches the available budget for the customer. Thousands of veneer and laminate options exist on the market today, and many of these materials feature an exceptional aesthetic for a price that amounts to pennies on the dollar.

We repair storage bins and drawers that no longer close.
One of the most annoying things about older cubicle systems is the lack of security that malfunctioning drawers and storage bins cause. There is no point in locking a drawer or bin that does not completely shut when closed. Drawers develop this malfunction from one of two causes. Either the glides that the drawer slides along become warped or the wheels that the drawer moves along freeze up. Cubicle World replaces these moving parts with new ones and re-laminates the drawer face to match the cubicle desk.

We also recondition overhead storage bins to better secure our re-manufactured office cubicles. Overhead bins open on hinges much like the ones that you see at the top of office doors. These hinges can freeze up or become warped so that the bins no longer close flush with the storage shelf. Cubicle World replaces both the hinges and the lock, and we resurface the bin to match the cubicle desk and storage drawers.

Finally, we recondition the cubicle panels.
Cubicle panels are often the first things that visitors notice when they walk into your office. It is very important that any remanufatcured office cubicles look attractive to any guests to your facility. It is also important for worker morale, because no one looks forward to sitting in a cubicle that looks drab, or even worse, dirty, from the outside.

When re-manufacturing office cubicles, we take great care to select the very best new fabrics or laminates to restore the original look of the workstation. If the panels contain glass inserts, we first try to clean the glass and restore its clarity, so we can avert the cost of replacements. However, if the glass is severely scratched or cracked, we install new inserts in the reconditioned panels.

Jerry makes refurbished workstations affordable for any budget, large or small.
The cost of refurbished office cubicles varies in accordance to two factors. One of these is the labor cost associated with stripping away new materials, replacing them, and replacing any components to drawers and storage bins. The other cost factor is the cost of replacement materials. Some materials are much less expensive than others, yet many also look surprisingly attractive in a refurbished system. Organizations who want to order refurbished office cubicles can contact Jerry well in advance of their planned purpose. Jerry will schedule a time to go over material options to keep both the parts and labor costs within budget tolerance. Jerry will also have his staff produce a free office layout drawing to show where the new workstations will be installed in the office. Call now, and get started on a path that will give you more for less.

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