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March 4, 2019
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Room divider partitions are an excellent way to define and organize the spaces in your office, particularly where there are few to no conventional rooms or walls to do the job. Offices of many kinds and businesses in all industries can universally meet this need to make their spaces more efficient for working while offering crucial privacy to individual employees.

Cubicle World has many stylish room divider partitions that can modernize your workplace and enhance its aesthetic. Whether it’s an individual workstation, a conference space, an entire department, or all of the above, we offer a variety of ways that you can best define your office space.

When thinking of a partitioning solution that works well on an individual level, traditional cubicles have been the popular way to go for decades. With Cubicle World’s configurable cubicle partitions, you can have all the benefits of privacy that a cubicle typically provides, yet you can enjoy a much greater degree of physical flexibility that the cubicle has.

Since this room divider partition isn’t tethered to a work surface or other office features, a user can easily expand and modify their personal work environment as often as necessary.

Cubicle partitions offer a fully-customizable room divider partition system that highlights a DIY sensibility. The main elements are the panels, support posts with footings, and optional windows. Choose from heights of 4’ and 6’, as well as widths of 2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’.

These various dimensions can be mixed and matched over one or many units, and the each post can accept four panels–one on each of its four faces. Add to this over 20 available colors and the possibilities endless for designing and building out work areas to suit the operational needs of your business as well as your unique visual style.

With this configurable cubicle room divider partition system, you can go from building out separate individual workstations to ones that share their panels as a department or collaborative team. You can even create a perimeter wall around a group of loosely organized desks or cubicles to separate one department from another.

This room divider partition system is made in the U.S.A. and is available in our stylish acoustical fabric whose 2” thick sound-dampening panels are lightweight yet durable while acting as an excellent buffer against unwanted noise.

They also accept push-pins for hanging items for personal or general office use. Over 20 shades of fabric are available, and the optional windows are elegant and illuminating—choices include fluted polycarbonate, clear acrylic, or frosted acrylic.

If looking to wall-mount elements of your room divider partition system, this is a relatively easy job that can be done with one person and one tool. Just simply screw the brackets into the wall, slide the panel elements onto the bracket, then finish off with the posts.

As far as more conventional room divider partitions go, our mid-sized 360-hinge accordion partition is one of our more popular models, thanks to its flexibility and responsiveness to unique space-partitioning problems. This partition caters to your creativity with the help of a patented system of 360-degree hinges allowing for a full range of movement with each panel.

This leads to all sorts of fun configurations, including a straight or curved line, as well as variants of the “L,” “C,” and “S” shapes. No-pinch seams can keep you from getting your fingers injured as you operate the panels of this room divider partition.

The operation of this room divider partition is a breeze, thanks to the transport locks designed to make transport more secure. The 3” dual-wheel casters glide easily across the floor when rolling the partition from one location to the next.

Because the casters are designed to be lockable, once you have your partition in a location you prefer, you can then lock it into place. Full-sized end units also help to increase this room divider partition’s stability and shock absorption.

This room divider partition is available in two materials and is useful in a variety of different mid-sized office and co-working settings. Especially when needing an effective buffer against unwanted noise, the acoustical fabric partition can contribute to a need for concentration and focus.

The walls can form an impromptu meeting or presentation space for an entire office, or it can be the site of discussion for team projects, client meetings, and interviewing potential employees. A multi-user co-working space would be greatly improved with a dividing element between each worker for extra privacy as they conduct their individual business simultaneously.

The durable and easy-to-clean polycarbonate room divider partition might be suited better to spill- and mess-prone situations, such as in a break room where food is prepared or a building’s general cafeteria area. The folding partition is available in five possible heights, from 4’ to 7’6”, and four possible widths from 8’6” to 25’.

If selecting the wall-mounted variant that’s available, the maximum specifiable width would be 30’6” instead. Following the same sized parameters is the sliding equivalent of this room divider partition, which is available as a portable or a wall-mounted option. The sliding version features a telescoping hinge system that keeps it operating on a straight path, no matter what width you specify.

Our largest room divider partition is the perfect solution for splitting large areas of space, the way any conventional, sheetrock wall would. Reaching as high as 12’ and as wide as 16’, our large-scale partition is a wall-mounted, floor-based partition that covers even what our versatile 360-hinge and sliding room divider partitions fail to cover.

A massive wall-like divider like this deserves to be used for massive undivided spaces, especially where you can’t install a track system. A large, open office with high ceilings is a setting that could benefit from this partition, such as when separating one department from another. Warehouses and other industrial buildings can also find this to be the right partition when needing to divide inventory from administrative operations from visitor space.

The lack of ceiling track, a feature you can expect to see in older-style room divider partitions means that the top of the partition is now freed and can even allow circulating air from the building’s HVAC system to circulate without obstruction across both divided spaces. It also means no hassle with code permits.

For as large as this room divider partition is, it may come as a surprise just how easy it is to operate from open to close. Even specified at its largest dimensions, it moves on a set of tough, dual-wheel, non-marking rolling casters that offer a ground clearance of 2.5” and a full-sized end panel offers extra stability on units of four panels or more.

If that weren’t enough, a unique and flexible system of hinges between each panel helps this large room divider partition traverse uneven flooring easily by providing slight vertical give to each panel.

Just as our smaller-scale premium dividers, this large-scale room divider partition is available in acoustical fabric, offering the same optimal acoustic performance, available in a myriad of fun colors, and capable of accepting push pins for hanging materials.

An elegant, modern look is achieved between this fabric in the color of your choosing and the clear, anodized aluminum frame. For an even more clean and classic look, this room divider partition is also offered in a sliding version, which also features the telescoping hinge to ensure an arrow-straight course of movement.

This room divider partition is also available in a folding version, which offers something interesting to the eye as it moves in and out of use. A polycarbonate window can also be added to either version to let in light, an important addition when using room divider partitions of such immense size.

Both sliding and folding variants have three height options of 8’5-1/4″, 10’3/4″, and 12’3″. Available widths are 6’10”, 9’9”, 12’8”, and 15’7” when purchasing the sliding partition and 7’8”, 11’6”, 15’4”, and 19’2” when purchasing its folding counterpart. If you need to cover even more space, you can mount two of either version across from each other for a full extension to widths of 31’ or 39’ for the sliding and folding partitions, respectively.

At Cubicle World, we offer these great room divider partitions and many more. No matter what the scale of the space you work in, you’re bound to find a room divider partition that’s just the right fit for your office space-partitioning needs. Just give us a call for a free consultation to see how we can help guide you in the process, and also to ask us about our free shipping on all orders.

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