How To Choose a Room Divider Wall For Your Business

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February 17, 2019
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Have you ever considered purchasing a room divider wall for your business? If you have, you might know just how many types and variations are out there. At Cubicle World, we also have many types of room divider walls to choose from, and we can help you narrow down your choices depending on your unique office space and how you hope to divide it.

There are several major categories of room divider wall, including type of mobility (stationary versus portable), type of expansion (sliding versus folding), and type of material, including fabric and polycarbonate. These options shouldn’t be randomly picked if one type can benefit your business more than another. It’s good to first decide on the mobility of your room divider wall. We offer models that can be purchased either as wall-mounted or portable variants. Both have their good points, but a portable room divider wall can be moved into and back out of the space it’s meant to separate. This can be great if you’re a company that’s on a tight budget and needs their partition to serve multiple uses. A room divider wall that’s usually used to separate executive workspace from general workspace can temporarily be used to create a space for the occasional business meeting or even to hold job interviews.

If looking for a more permanent partitioning solution, why not go for a wall-mounted room divider wall? This is especially useful for when you need to separate spaces in a layout that’s not likely to change over time. For instance a medical practice might need to separate the customer waiting area from the exam rooms and labs, or you have a dedicated conference or break room that needs to be separated from employees looking to stay focused on their deskwork.

The general modes of expansion for our room divider walls are sliding and folding. Even if you choose our longest length of room divider wall, our sliding versions expand only in a straight line, thanks to the telescoping hinge that is featured. For this reason, these partitions can act as a conventional wall, no matter how short or long. It also conveys a sense of simplicity, lending itself to a clean, modern aesthetic. This type of room divider wall may also be more useful than a folding one when you have a cluttered layout: space that otherwise needs to be free of furniture to allow folding-panel clearance can be utilized for efficient use of square footage.

Folding room divider walls can be more fun to operate and visually interesting, but as said earlier, it can require more floor space to operate, especially in the case of a wall-mounted version. Their general versatility is a big plus, however. This is particularly the case with portable variants, patented 360-degree hinges have made our folding room divider walls very popular. These hinges offer full range of motion for each panel, making them able to configure into multiple shapes, such as an “L” or a “C.” Therefore you can expect folding room divider walls to help in shaping spaces that are dynamic due to the activities within. They can help divide a gathering presentation or meeting area from the rest of the room, or they can divide two departments, especially when the division between them is irregular in form.

The material of you room divider wall plays an important role in improving the quality of your office space. For instance, if you’re looking to create a space where communication is important, it’s best to use a material with good acoustical performance. Some of our room divider walls come in acoustical fabric, which helps to block out unwanted noise while keeping important information within the space. One perfect application includes a meeting or conference room, where important ideas are exchanged and presentations are held. It may even be that you need to a room divider wall to separate a lobby from noisy business operations, such as in the case of an auto service shop that places the payment center near the garage. It can even be a way to separate departments within one space that operate at different noise levels. In any case, our acoustical fabric room panels come in 2-inch consisting of a sound-blocking honeycomb core sandwiched between fiberglass layers for excellent acoustical performance. There is also the added benefit of this material’s tackable surface, perfect for hanging personal or company-wide messages, as well as presentation materials.

Our high-strength polycarbonate room divider walls are also popular. Beautiful in the workplace due to their translucency in a range of colors, this material can also work well outdoors, thanks to their ability to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions. Their sleek and simple appearance add a nice aesthetic touch in the offices of up-and-coming businesses looking to convey a sense of modernity to their spaces. While polycarbonate room divider walls can be used for those aesthetic considerations, their easy-to-clean nature is great for use in areas that experience a bit of mess throughout the day, such as break rooms and cafeterias, health facilities, warehouses and even those aforementioned auto service areas that handle all types of grease and fluids.

Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted acoustical fabric room divider wall or a polycarbonate portable option, at Cubicle World we can help you sort through our various products to set you up with the right room divider wall for your needs. We even carry single-panel dividers for when you’re looking for a smaller-scale solution. We always offer free consultations, so give us a call at Cubicle World to see what we have in stock for purchase and for our always-free shipping!

Room Divider Wall For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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