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February 17, 2019
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Are you looking for a room divider that can divide your office or other space into multiple functions effectively? Look no further! We at Cubicle World have a multitude of dividers to choose from, available for applications of all settings and scales. With a number of material, size, and color choices, you can also enjoy a room divider that useful, quality-built, and stylish to boot.

Among our many room dividers, our most popular one would have to be the 360-degree folding portable partition. The reason for its popularity is mainly its level of physical flexibility. This multi-panel, mid-sized divider features a hinge system that consists of patented 360-degree hinges allowing each connected panel to have a full range of motion. This gives the user the ability to fashion this room divider into a number of shapes and configurations ranging from a straight line to an “L” or a “C.” If you want to give a dynamic shape to a multi-purpose space, this divider can help in that regard, especially in a teaching environment where various activities and group interactions can take place. A curved room divider can offer a gathering space for storytime, an angled “C” can act as a time-out or makeup exam space, and a straight or “L” shape can offer space for exhibiting student artwork or presentations, helped along the way with the tackable surface of our acoustical fabric option. On top of their acceptance of thumbtacks, this fabric is also a great way to reduce noise from outside the space, making them also a choice room divider for such spaces as impromptu conference areas Polycarbonate is also a choice of material that’s easy-to-clean and high impact resistance. This folding divider also has a sliding-panel version, and both can be specified as portable or wall-mounted. Among all the variations of this room divider, many height and width choices are available according to your preferences.

You may find yourself needing a larger stationary room divider for when you need to divide expansive spaces into large subdivisions. Are you managing a company that’s in the process of developing a new department? Is there a space among a row of classrooms that’s designated a general entertainment area? Are you looking to separate the glamorous showroom from the rest of the humdrum daily operations that occur in your auto dealership? Cubicle World has a solution in the form of a large-scale, wall-mounted room divider that comes the closest to emulating a conventional sheetrock wall. An improvement on the sheetrock wall this divider’s ability to contract, effectively reunifying the space if you need it to. For as large as this room divider is, it’s highly efficient and easy to operate. The non-marking casters are low-profile, reducing the center of gravity, and a system of vertical hinges connecting the panels allow the entire system to smoothly traverse uneven flooring. You can choose either a folding or a sliding version this room divider, both reaching 12’3” at its greatest height. You can also reach a maximum width of 15’7” or 19’2” for the sliding or folding version, respectively. Furthermore, if you need to cover more width, you can always double your coverage by wall-mounting two dividers on opposite ends of the space.

Cubicle World also has a range of canvas room dividers for when you’re on a budget but still require partitioning in your space. Composed of flame-retardant 100% cotton canvas panels framed out in 16-gauge 1.25” round steel tubing, this is a durable but lightweight solution that emulates our more popular premium fabric and polycarbonate room dividers in all but noise control. This includes the 360-degree hinges and no-pinch seams to allow full range of motion with a maximum of flexibility and a minimum risk of injury. There’s also the ease of transport and storage in the form of non-marking casters and full collapsibility of the canvas panels.

We also have several acoustically-designed room dividers that reach all the way to the floor as a measure to confine sound. Our 5’ tall high-density acoustical panel is available in widths of 6’ and 10’ and makes interesting and stylish use of rigid high-density polyester panels that stack flat for storage. Another attractive acoustical room divider is our 8’wide by 6’6” high partition wall. With the many thin panels of acoustical ribbed fabric housing cores of heavy foam, this divider makes it easy to configure into various shapes such as a serpentine “S,” as well as “L” and “C” shapes which are kept in form with engineered footings. A 4’ high version of this product is a brightly-colored room divider with a tackable surface that can designate an activity space for young children while doubling as an art wall or a crash mat in a gym.

Whether you’re needing a room divider for a busy office space or a school, or even a car dealership, Cubicle World is sure to have something in stock for your space-partitioning needs. Our many choices in panelling options gives something for everyone hoping to make the best use of their spaces. Cubicle World can turn your hopes into a reality with our free, no-obligation consultation, as well as our free shipping on any room dividers you purchase from us. Don’t hesitate to call us!

Room Dividers For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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