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February 20, 2019
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When it comes to room partition walls, it doesn’t matter if you work in a classroom, an office, a fitness center, a warehouse, or even a car dealership. At Cubicle World, we have all types of dividers to match any partitioning needs you might have for your unique space. Room partition walls can come in many sizes, materials, colors, so you can expect a diverse range of options with our collection.

One of our most popular room partition walls is our portable 360-degree folding room divider, useful for a wide range of applications and occasions. The sheer versatility of this divider lies primarily in its system of patented 360-degree cast aluminum hinges, which allow any panel a full range of motion.

This leads to many possible configurations of space, depending on how the room partition wall can best be used for your needs. For instance, a simple straight line or broad curve could act as an effective backdrop for student presentations. A “C” or “L” shape can best be used to gather young children for story time. A number of shapes can help to define play spaces and group discussion areas. No-pinch seams allow you to fully expand your panels without risk of bodily injury.

This room partition wall is very easy to use as well. It glides smoothly across the floor without damage or difficulty on 3” dual-wheel non-marking casters. The casters lock as well, so you can brake your partition wall in place once you’ve found its desired location. You can also expect enhanced stability in the patented full-height castered end units.

Depending on your use of this room partition wall, it’s best to be be choosie between the two main materials it’s available in. Many opt for the acoustical fabric, whose 2” panels are composed of a sound-absorbing honeycomb core layered with fiberglass.

This makes a great material choice for blocking noise when your activity requires clear communication or concentration. A library may benefit from this divider when students need a quiet study space away from the lobby or check-out area. It can also use this room partition wall when hosting a social community or literary event during regular hours. A school testing center can also use this choice of material.

Of course, any office space that needs an impromptu conference or meeting area can use acoustical fabric partitioning, as can individual employees for their own workstations.

Polycarbonate is our plastic alternative material for this room partition wall. It’s high-strength and durable enough to withstand hot and cold temperature extremes as well as have a high resistance to impacts. Despite its rugged nature, it’s also very beautiful, available in various levels of opacity and in a range of colors, including black.

This material can best be used in mess- or spill-prone areas, such as a medical laboratory or a cafeteria. It’s high impact-resistance can even make this room partition wall a common fixture in a school gym, especially where multiple activities and sports are happening at one time in one large space. This can also be used in outdoor applications.

These room partition walls are also great backdrops for presentations, posters, logo banners, and other display materials, thanks to their ability to accept signage by the use of hooks and even a tackable surface in the case of our acoustical fabric models.

Five possible heights are available for our portable 360-degree folding room partition wall, ranging from 4’ to 7’6”, and our four possible widths range from 8’6” to 25’.

At Cubicle World, we know that budget differs from client to client and that sometimes it’s necessary to find a more economical solution for your room partition wall. Perhaps you’re a small or newly-formed company with little capital at your disposal. You may instead be an administrator or a teacher who works at a school for which there’s little funding. Fortunately, we carry room partition walls that don’t sacrifice style or quality of build in order to bring you an economical solution.

Among our other single- and multiple-panel canvas dividers, our most popular affordable divider is the canvas portable folding partition, which is simply the more cost-effective counterpart of our higher-end 360-degree folding room partition wall, discussed above. While not as powerful in its ability to control and block noise, our portable canvas folding room partition wall still packs a punch in the number of features it shares with our premium fabric or polycarbonate models.

This room partition wall system features replaceable panels of durable, flame-retardant 100% cotton canvas that are framed out in heavy, strong 16-gauge 1.25” round steel tubing structure. This tubing is connected safely with corner joints of rounded plastic. Aside from material, it most notably features the patented 360-degree hinges that offer a full range of motion to each panel, allowing as much versatility as premium versions of this room partition wall.

Again, multiple shapes of space are possible when you take advantage of this hinge system’s flexibility—a straight line, broad curves, and different variants on the “S,” “C,” and “L” shapes! Also, if one unit isn’t enough to contain or separate your intended activity, you can simply utilize the Velcro connectors on the end panels to extend your divided width to as long as you’d like to satisfy larger-application needs such as classrooms, gymnasiums, and auditoriums. As far as dimensions of individual units go, this canvas room partition wall is available in two possible widths—6’ and 10’—and three possible heights—4’, 6’, and 6’10”.

Our canvas room partition wall demonstrates its ease of movement with its four 3” dual-wheel non-marking swivel casters. These casters are lockable for when you find the right location of your room partition wall in your space of interest. For extra stability, the patented full-sized end panels are present, as with our fabric and polycarbonate choices. Storage is also simple thanks to how quickly and conveniently it can be put away, folding down to less than four feet of floor space.

You may not expect as extensive a range of available colors for our canvas room partition walls, but the four colors we do offer can cover a range of applications in the emotion they convey. We have muted black and beige, which are excellent for a more neutral divider acting as a backdrop to crafts at a craft fair, calendars and memos at an office workstation, or private separation at a job fair.

Our brighter, more stimulating colors of red and blue can feature in room partition walls more suited to children’s activities, such as at a day care, primary school, or children’s physical fitness center. In any of these cases where you’re planning to showcase art, posters, or presentation boards, hooks are available for hanging off of the frame and designed to accept all sorts of signage for display.

These room partition walls are by far not the only partitioning solutions we have in our collection, so give us a call to engage in a free consultation, where we can discuss what other dividers are available and what would best work with your particular spatial needs. Call Cubicle World now at (713) 412-3090 and we can also discuss our free shipping on any order that you place!

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