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August 29, 2018

Small office cubicles come in many sizes and a plethora of shapes as well as heights for working needs. Depending on the needs of the employees, and the comfort level desired by the employees, there are many options available for a company to administer to them.

Small office cubicle sizes depend greatly on how much filing space is needed for each employee, and their job function as well. 4’ x 2’ and 5’x 5’ are the most common sizes for smaller office cubicles. Smaller cubicles can also be 6’ X 6’ or 6’ x 8’, depending on the workflow needs of the organization.

For example, an eight foot by eight-foot cubicle can be used in a setting where filing needs are minimal and large projects and documents are not needed to be completed by the worker. Usually, in today’s office, a corporate terminal for computing, or even a docking station for an i-pad, can simplify productivity and reduce the number of peripherals and hardware needed for the employee to work efficiently.

Small office cubicles with lower panel heights of around 42” high can be used for group collaboration. There are many applications for a collaborative cubicle system with lower panels. Advertising firms and marketing companies, for example, can use them to encourage workers to actively brainstorm ideas for campaign concepts that in turn develop into copy and graphics.

In other environments, a panel height of 53” has been noted to create a greater sense of individual privacy and dedication at times needed for individual workloads. This height seems to be the happy medium to most work environments, as an individual can concentrate on individual number balancing and personal projects as needed, and still be able to collaborate with others on group projects when the need arises. Managers and teammates can still interact from a standing position, but they cannot see one another when sitting down.

The higher small office cubicle panels are, the more focused and private the workspace becomes. If individual task completion takes priority over group work, then consider investing in cubicles with very high partitions. For instance, a high walled cubicle can be ideal for an accountant or office administrator who needs privacy and discretion on phone calls. Even while standing, an employee cannot peer into a high walled employees space, making this scenario ideal for people highly educated or in need of more concentration in their job duties. If the cubicle panels are also lined with soundproofing materials, it can function as a completely private office.

Let your Cubicle World space planner know the details of each job description you are looking to support. He or she can then design small office cubicles with the right panel heights and accessories to support your workflow. Call now.

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