Small Private Enclosed Cubicles

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September 20, 2019

Privacy Is Now Part Of Your Work Space

Cubicle World’s privacy booth is available for a single person model or a 2 to 4 people model. Occasionally a safe place, sometimes an enclave for a multimedia meeting with teammates, small enclosed booths improves privacy in open areas. Our Freestanding booths can be effortlessly built into any space without modifying the existing space.

Small Enclosed Privacy Booth Benefits

    • High-quality acoustic performance: double glass walls and 3-inch air chamber, door seals, high-density soundproofing.
    • Tuned ventilation with high-performance airflow and adjustable power.
    • Multi-outlet options are available to plug in your mobile or computer and three screen configurations available for the 2 to 4 person booth.
    • Many interior and exterior finishes to select from.
    • Can be customized with an option of office furniture.
    • Complements open spaces by offering compact, acoustically customized booths  can be installed in open area.
  •  Booth includes customized ventilation with high-performance air flow and adjustable power. 

Cubicle Worlds small privacy booths are designed to accommodate technology, the booths include multi-outlets to plug in your mobile and computer. Depending on your layout, one of three screen configurations is possible.

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