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March 11, 2019
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With soundproof wall panels, noise reduction has never been easier! Cubicle World can offer a decorative solution to your noise control problems in the form of soundproof wall panels that can be used in a variety of creative ways.

If you desire a way to control noise that can brighten the dull walls of an office or provide an interesting accent to the halls of a school, then take a look at our soundproof wall panels.

Many commercial buildings often have trouble with controlling excess noise. Whether you’re in a church, a warehouse, a museum, or your own home, sound is everywhere, and when it’s unwanted it proves to be a major detriment to your focus along with the quality of your work.

While you may not always be able to eliminate the source of the sound, you can eliminate its impact on your space by controlling your building’s acoustics. This is where soundproof wall panels come in handy for you.

Soundproof wall panels from Cubicle World are an excellent way to integrate your own unique sense of aesthetic and style with your need to control the acoustics of your space. Proudly made in the U.S.A., our soundproof wall panels are made of three layers of material to ensure superior absorption of sound.

The best type of panel for absorbing unwanted sound is one that’s covered with fabric and that’s what makes up the outermost first layer of our panels. This durable FR701 acoustical fabric available in many attractive colors, ensuring that you’ll be able to find the perfect color for your space. The second layer of our soundproof wall panel is comprised of 100% recyclable 2000 gram density non-woven polyester, which excels at breaking down sound.

This polyester is much more environmentally friendly than the toxic fiberglass foam that one may often find in other soundproof wall panels. If you opt for our premium version of this panel, you can expect twice the thickness of this second polyester layer at 2” inches thick. There is a third layer, the rigid mineral board honeycomb, which performs as a sound trap. All of these layers are bonded together tightly in a 100% solid, solvent-free, and non-toxic adhesive system that carry an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating of 0.65.

With the variety of color, size, and shape choices for each soundproof wall panel, not to mention the number of patterns you can create with them, it’s easy to opt for an environment that’s modern and professional-looking.

The panels are available in widths of 1’ and 2’, and in heights of 2’ or 4’. If you’d like the best results in sound-dampening, it’s recommended that you cover 15-20% of the square footage of your space. In more expansive rooms this offers a great opportunity to get creative by laying out well-proportioned design of multiple soundproof wall panels in any number of possible fun patterns.

Furthermore, thanks to the convenience and versatility of these soundproof wall panels, you can mount them on any wall in virtually any setting. Each panel is lightweight and can be mounted quickly and with ease, thanks to the durable, adhesive strips of foam that back the panel. Once the adhesive liner is removed and the strip is pressed into place, the panel is held tightly in one place.

Office meeting rooms, such as conference and break areas, would benefit from wall-mounted soundproof wall panels. Any space that tends to experience echo and reverberation issues can also utilize these panels for more clarity of sound, such as restaurants and coffeeshops,
theaters, auditoriums, and home recording studios.

We also carry a hanging version of our soundproof wall panels, which can be paired with our wall-mounted panels. If you’d like extra acoustic performance along with a consistency of style and décor in your space, then take advantage of these panels, which are available in the same colors as our wall-mounted version.

Ceiling-hung panels add an extra dimension to auditoriums, hallways, museums, and office spaces, doing so in a convenient and beautiful way. Each panel includes eyelets at the top so that you can hang them with a variety of hanging hardware. These soundproof wall panels are available in widths of 11” and 22”, and in heights of 22” or 47”.

Aside from our soundproof wall panels, Cubicle World also has a wide collection of room dividers which also provide effective sound control for your spaces. While not as passive as our wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted soundproof wall panels, these dividers can help to form various spaces whose activities require a good deal of sound control, such as meeting rooms, break rooms, study areas, and individual workstations.

One of the more popular is our 360-degree acoustical fabric room divider. Using the same FR701 fabric as our soundproof wall panels, it can be used in such diverse settings as schools, coffeeshops, small cafes, and of course the traditional office. This same fabric also takes form as our customizable and modular cubicle partitions, which consist of different-sized panels and posts that can be combined into different, unique office workstation configurations.

Outfitting your space with noise-reducing elements doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. Why not pair your soundproof wall panels with our sleek polycarbonate room dividers too? These dividers are offered in multiple bold colors and levels of opacity, lending a sleek, modern appearance to creative spaces such as art galleries and museums as well as businesses within creative, dynamic fields.

We understand how important noise control is to you in your space, for clarity of communication as well as clarity of mind. That’s why Cubicle World delivers you the best in soundproof wall panels. Call for a free consultation so that we can discuss what panels you might need to dress up your workplace.

We can even help guide you in other products we have to offer, such as hanging wall panels, free-standing acoustical dividers, and even cubicle partitions. Remember that with every order you place, you can expect free shipping. Don’t hesitate to call Cubicle World at (713) 412-3090 today!

Soundproof Wall Panels – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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