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March 8, 2019
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Cubicle World carries not only traditional office furniture, filing storage systems, and cubicles; we carry soundproofing walls of many colors and sizes as well. This is because a productive day is more than simply having a desk to work on and a chair to sit in.

It also means protection from the daily distractions that lead to poor concentration, stress, and fatigue. Cubicle World is happy to be your one-stop solution for all your office needs, soundproofing walls included. Let us show you that when it comes to your daily work environment, the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Naturally, sound is a phenomenon that occurs everywhere. Even a quiet study room in a library isn’t completely quiet if in the midst of faint voices from the lobby, air-conditioning audibly rushing through vents, and elevators moving and sounding from stop to stop.

These can all be examples of noise, any sound that’s unwanted, at least to the individual trying to study in the library. Luckily, with soundproofing walls, even if we can’t always stop the sound source, we can decrease the likelihood of sound penetrating the quiet and calm of our personal workspaces.

Soundproofing walls are a highly convenient—as well as stylish and modern—way to reduce noise anywhere it’s necessary, such as in large halls and spaces with many hard, reflective surfaces.

With Cubicle World’s ceiling-hung soundproofing walls, you can easily combine style and utility no matter what your place of work, or if it’s even just your home. One of the great things about selecting ceiling-hung soundproofing walls is that one can provide their space with excellent acoustic performance while making zero impact on circulation space.

This is important especially for large buildings that see a lot of foot traffic. Floor-mounted dividers and free-standing acoustical panels can pose a tripping hazard or at least be disruptive to the natural flow of traffic. Once you install soundproofing walls from the ceiling, there’s very little worry.

If you like the openness of your open-plan office, hanging soundproofing walls can dampen sound while maintaining the integrity of the space. Large buildings and schools often have large, dull, and impersonal circulation halls that move users around the building.

To bring a large hall down to a more human scale, ceiling-hung soundproofing walls can help to break the space in a creative and colorful way. K-12 schools can use bright colors that tend to engage children while auditoriums and theaters might go for more muted hues. Museums and exhibition spaces can use these stylish acoustical elements to promote their overall design or image also.

While absorbing sound and reducing reverberation, our soundproofing walls can give an artistic touch to the overall space. They may even be placed high enough and sized so as to clear your frame of vision while viewing art, artifacts, or any number of exhibited items.

Ceiling-hung soundproofing walls are proudly made in the U.S.A. and they have a superior acoustical performance as reflected in an NRC of 0.65. Each of these panels are made of three material layers in order to dampen sound and reduce room reverberations.

The first layer is the outermost one consisting of FR701 acoustical fabric. It’s available in numerous hues that you can mix and match in order to create an exciting, colorful interior for the users of your space.

The second layer of the ceiling-hung soundproofing wall is made of 200% recyclable 2000 gram density non-woven polyester. This doesn’t just work well to break down sound; it is also considerably more ecologically friendly, compared to the toxic fiberglass foam that still is common in many soundproofing wall.

The third layer is a sound trap in the form of a rigid mineral board honeycomb. All three layers are tightly bonded with a solvent-free, and non-toxic adhesive. There are quite a few choices at your disposal, along the lines of color, size, and evens shape. With all your soundproofing walls hanging from the ceiling, you don’t have to keep them all the at the same height. Speaking of height, our hanging soundproofing walls are available at heights of 22” and 47” and widths at 11” and 22”.

Along with our hanging soundproofing walls, we also carry a wall-mounted version, manufactured with the same materials as well as with the same available color options. This can allow you to expand the scope of these acoustical performance elements to provide superior noise-absorption, as well as maintain a unifying visual aesthetic.

Cubicle World’s wall-mounted soundproofing walls are available in two widths—1’ and 2’—as well as two heights—2’ and 4’. Restaurants, home recording studios, offices, hallways, theaters, auditoriums, and exhibits spaces are all fair game for wall-mounted soundproofing walls. Just peel the adhesive off of the backing strip and firmly affix the panel to any wall for an instant solution to reverberation in large and noisy spaces.

Give us a call for a free consultation here at Cubicle World, where we can satisfy a number of needs unique to your office space, and that includes optimal noise control with our beautiful and elegant ceiling-hung soundproof walls. You can also enjoy free shipping with every order you place. Don’t hesitate to Cubicle World at (713) 412-3090 today!

Soundproofing Walls – 713-412-3090

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