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February 18, 2019
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At Cubicle World, we don’t just specialize in office workspace solutions such as cubicles, ergonomic chairs, and filing systems. We also bring you the best in space dividers, fine for any partitioning need you may have, within as well as outside of the traditional office setting. Ranging from single- to multi- panel dividers, from wall-mounted to portable versions, and available in an array of sizes, materials, and colors, you can be assured that you’ll find a suitable space divider for any application.

Many space dividers are needed to separate rooms in the way a conventional wall does–in a stationary position and dividing a considerable amount of space. The great thing about a space divider is that it’s a “wall” that can fully contract to open the divided spaces back up to one another. A spacious office may be able to utilize a large space divider to effectively create a new room as a way to separate one department from another. If you operate a warehouse that also interfaces with the public, a large space divider can separate your staff and operations area from a lobby or front-desk space used by clients and other visitors to become an effective sound and visual barrier. A school gymnasium is often the site of multiple athletic activities occurring at one time. or a cafeteria. Our largest-scale space divider is a massive wall-mounted divider that glides open and closed with ease on low-profile, non-marking casters. Both folding and sliding versions are available in three heights, with 12’3” at its highest. The lack of ceiling track leaves the top of the divider open, allowing free circulation of air from the HVAC system from one space to the other. Maximum heights include 15’7” for the sliding space divider and 19’2” for the folding version. If these still don’t do the trick, you can mount one on opposite sides of an opening to create a divided width of up to 31’2” for the sliding version and 38’4” for the folding version. This divider is only available in our acoustical fabric composed of a honeycomb core layered with fiberglass for maximum noise absorption. Twenty-five colors of fabric are available for this option.

One of our most popular mid-sized space dividers is not like the usual accordion-type ones that you’ve seen before. It features an intelligently designed system of patented 360-degree hinges, which gives all panels full range of motion. Because of this, you can go beyond the zigzag and create “L” and “C” shapes, as well as straight lines. This makes the perfect divider for when you need a partition that will respond dynamically to a changing set of needs. Schools can benefit from using our folding space dividers to separate a single classroom into multiple activity spaces, including those dedicated to playing, reading, and learning lessons. If an irregular boundary is needed to effectively separate two spaces, this folding divider can deliver in the case of sprawling office workstations that need to be organized by department or company project. The 360-degree divider is also available in a number of height and width options. Along with acoustical fabric, this space divider is also available in polycarbonate, a durable plastic that can withstand extremes of hot and cold and offers an easy-to-clean partitioning solution for outside applications, as well as environments that are prone to high traffic and spills. Both sliding and folding versions are available in multiple possible heights and widths, with wall-mounted versions available in greater widths than portable versions.

Our multi-panel canvas folding partitions are the economical counterpart to our premium acoustical fabric and polycarbonate space dividers. While not offering the level of noise control that the more expensive fabric dividers grant, our canvas alternatives feature many of their other great features. The 360-degree hinging system offers an equal amount of physical versatility while the no-pinch seams allow users to expand the space dividers with no risk of bodily injury. The 100% cotton canvas is flame-retardant and lightweight yet durable and supported on 16-gauge 1.25” round steel tubing.

Smaller-scale partitioning solutions are also available from Cubicle World as well. Our single-panel space dividers are excellent for giving privacy to individual employees at small workstations where cubicle system partitions aren’t available. Those, as well as our workstation screens and privacy screens provide a way to offer separation of general work space from a break room or water cooler area. We also carry a mobile whiteboard partition that reaches a size of 6’ high by 6’ wide. Integrating a whiteboard space to illustrate plans and ideas to expand its role as space divider allows it to be used for personal notes or even as a supplement to a conference room or classroom. Canvas or densely-woven wicker are other materials we have available, for when you’re seeking an economical or outdoor-friendly option, respectively.

Aside from our more conventional space dividers, we also carry fabric configurable cubicle partitions, which can create workstations sized to your and employee preferences. With square posts that accept one panel on each of their four sides, you also have the option to expand individual areas into full departments if need be. At a maximum height of 6’, you also get the choice to include a light-admitting durable polycarbonate glass window in the top of your partitions.

Here at Cubicle World, we also have multiple products designed specifically to provide superior acoustical performance and sound-deadening capability. Our acoustical space dividers come in direct contact with your floor to provide uninterrupted noise abatement, especially necessary when working near loud classrooms, or noisy office departments. Our acoustical partition wall is an 8’ wide by 6’6” high divider composed of multiple thin panels of acoustical ribbed fabric and heavy foam cores. These many panels give this space divider the ability to be shaped into diverse shapes, including graceful curves and, with the help of footings, “L” and “C” shapes. Another variant that’s perfect for preschool and primary school comes in at just 4’ high and in two bright color options. Its tackable surface can double this divider’s use as an art wall, and it can also be used in gyms and other high-level activity rooms as a crash mat.

There are still many other available space dividers not mentioned. If this already seems like an overwhelming number of choices, don’t hesitate to contact us at Cubicle World for a free, no-obligation consultation where we can help you decide which space divider will work best with your space. It’s always good to remind you that no matter what you purchase from Cubicle World, your order will ship to you free of charge! Call us today!

Sliding Space Dividers For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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