Tall Office Cubicles With Door Adds Privacy To Your Workstation

Commercial Tall Cubicle Walls With Door For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping
September 19, 2019
Commercial Tall Cubicle Walls With Door For Sale Factory Direct With FREE Shipping

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Businesses with unique office furniture needs like tall office cubicles with doors can turn to Cubicle World for custom solutions that are ideal for any office space. A glass cubicle with a door can add an element of privacy and produce a traditional office-like environment. It’s a good way to solve a privacy problem within your workplace.

Can you believe the image above is a tall office cubicle with a door? Most people take a second or third look before they understand this is actually a modular workstation. This is because office cubicles with a glass sliding door look and feel like a private office. They create a 100% enclosed space that permits the busy professional to work uninterrupted. One of the most complaints workers have about office cubicles is that they are open on one side, allowing anyone to approach the user while he or she is working. Cubicles with sliding doors prevent other workers from approaching you when you are busy and need to concentrate. They also offer outstanding insulation against background noise in the office and offer you a more focused and productive work space.

Sadly, many people do not even want cubicles with sliding doors because they wrongly assume that the price of these workstations is much higher than it is. Many are surprised to know that the cost of these workstations is easy to scale to budget by carefully choosing the right materials. In the picture above, we see cubicle panels composed of glass partitions. While glass partition panels do have a higher price point, we used transparent glass for the walls in this workstation, which costs considerably less than frosted glass. This additional touch of privacy is perfect for staff working with highly sensitive information.

The appeal for glass cubicles with sliding doors are almost as diverse as there are job descriptions. A number of our clients now order them for their sales teams because sales professionals spend a great deal of time on the phone. When you have 4 or more salesman talking to clients at the same time, even a small business will begin to sound like a call center where you can hear four or five conversations in the background. By adding the sound damping of the glass door, we can block these conversations so that both the salesman and the client can hear the discussion clearly.

Glass cubicles with sliding doors are a perfect option for any executive management team. Supervisors can leave their doors open during those times when workers are able to approach them for assistance, training, or conferencing. The closed door speaks for itself and sends a respectful, “do not disturb” message to employees. Many businesses are now moving away from the open concept office because it is likely to blur the boundaries between administrators and staff. This can generate too much familiarity between staff and their managers and lead to discipline problems down the line. Cubicles with sliding doors look more conventional and create an instant sense of authority and clear, professional boundaries.

If you are interested in purchasing glass office cubicles with sliding doors, start with a free office space layout design plan that will plot out the number, location, and size of your workstations. Cubicle World can help you select the right materials that will fit your budget, and we will build your workstations in our cubicle factory. We own our own fleet of trucks, so shipping and installation never cost you anything extra.

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