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September 13, 2018

Telemarketing cubicles continue to be a hot item in the office furniture industry. As brand loyalty increasingly depends on the quality of the customer experience, organizations must maintain a highly trained, professional, and responsive support staff to maintain their reputation. Quality assurance depends on much more than simply picking up a call and answering a few basic questions. CSR’s today are responsible for a higher quality support than they were expected to render in the past. Thankfully, most of this work is supported by customer management software, so the actual telemarketing workstations used by your team do not require extensive accessorizing or costly materials to perform.

Buy telemarketing workstations made with fabric covered panels.
While laminates and veneers do convey a more decorative look, they are also more expensive. Fabric is less expensive, but it doesn’t have to look “cheap.” Today’s fabrics cover a spectrum of color that is vast and diverse, so it is possible to find fabric cubicle panels that match your interior décor and establish an upbeat mood among your workforce. Fabric wrapped around a solid, central core also helps muffle sounds. Customers who call in for support can clearly hear their CSR’s without background noise from other conversations.

Go as paperless as possible in this department.
This will lower your costs by reducing the overall size of your telemarketing workstations. With a minimum amount of paperwork, you will not need to built-in filing cabinets or overhead storage compartments. Desks can be smaller, with affordable 8-hour chairs that will keep CSR’s comfortably seated throughout their shifts. Cubicle panels need only be high enough to create an enclosed, focused workspace for representative. Accessories are not necessary if all documentation is done in the company CRM. If a completely paperless call center is not possible, talk to your network administrator about installing network printers for entire teams to share. This eliminates the need for individual printers and keeps clutter from accumulating at CSR stations.

Decide what computing devices your CSR’s will use to support your customers.
Desktop computers are much smaller than they used to be. The can easily fit under a desk or to one side of the monitor without overcrowding the CSR’s work area. Laptops are even smaller and require even less space for users to comfortably manipulate. The key question to ask here is not what TYPE of device your CSR’s need, but how many devices each employee needs. You also need to determine if CSR’s will be working with only a single monitor or a dual monitor setup. Employees who need more than one monitor, and who also may need to work with both a laptop and a desktop, will need larger desks that will affect the overall size of telemarketing workstations. CSR’s using only a single device can comfortably work in much small telemarketing cubicles like the ones shown in the picture above.

Cubicle World custom builds and sells telemarketing workstations direct to businesses.
You do not have to pay retail markup when you by call center cubicles from Cubicle World. You can buy directly from our factory, and you can pay one flat price that includes shipping, installation, and warranty repairs. Call Cubicle World now to receive a free space plan for your call center, and choose the right fabrics, desk materials, and dimensions that will fit your budget.

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