Who Can Use Temporary Room Dividers?

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February 13, 2019
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There are a number of reasons to use temporary room dividers, and with the many sizes, materials, and varieties that Cubicle World has to offer, there are bound to be dividers that will fit any situation you may have. The great thing about temporary room dividers is that they offer a non-committal solution to dividing space, which is especially advantageous if you need that space to stay flexible over time.

Many buildings and business break their routine, day-to-day operations to offer something a little different to their occupants from time to time. You’re well familiar with how schools transform into centers of civic duty when election periods roll around. Temporary room dividers are a great way help guide voters through the election process as they physically guide them through these perhaps unfamiliar buildings. Single-panel temporary room dividers can also give voters an extra bit of privacy as they flank each voting machine while they’re in use.

Schools are always reshaping their learning spaces to accommodate a dynamic curriculum and the changing needs of their students. Whether it’s a small play center separate from kindergarten teacher’s daily lesson space or an area dedicated to student presentations and exhibits in an arts or design college, temporary room dividers are a way for educational facilities and staff to enhance the activities contained within the learning space.

Offices also occasionally have the need to separate multi-use spaces, particularly for the purposes of impromptu business meetings and break areas. Temporary room dividers can also expand these spaces, as well as zones for different departments, as a company grows to eventually require built-out sheetrock rooms. An advantage to using temporary room dividers for all of these purposes is that they can roll away and into storage when not in use, or even expand or take on different shapes according to the needs of the space.

Convention centers are the perfect candidates for temporary room dividers as well. These large-scale, multi-purpose buildings whose massive hall accommodate multiple communities and organizations, are host to events that range anywhere from job fairs to trade shows to comic book conventions, to professional conferences that include learning workshops and so forth. While all these participants have various backgrounds and interests, they all commonly rely on effective communication and networking. Cubicle World’s acoustical temporary room dividers offer excellent noise control while shaping the station’s space to engage the attention of event participants.

Churches and libraries also have use for temporary room dividers. Both can be active organizations in their community and often hold events open to the public. Churches may hold Bible study and other educational events within their sanctuary on days or times that their regular services aren’t being held. Libraries may also host educational events, as well as provide a space for guest authors or community speakers during regular visitor hours. A temporary room divider can help to designate space for special events like these.

We have several versions of portable temporary room dividers that you can choose from in the form of a single panel or as multiple panels that slide or fold. Our portable 360-degree portable partition is a very popular selection, featuring patented 360-degree hinges that have full range of motion to allow you to shape your divider into multiple shapes, such as an “L” or a “C.” Five different height options are available, ranging from 4’ to 7’6” and you can choose from four different widths ranging from 8’6” all the way up to 25’. This temporary office divider is available in acoustical fabric or polycarbonate.

With acoustical fabric, the user can enjoy this divider’s noise-dampening ability, which is important for communication when at a busy event. Where acoustic control may be less important while still offering a level of visual privacy, this divider is also available in different translucencies of polycarbonate. Many colors are available among these two material choices. Our sliding temporary office dividers feature telescoping hinges that keep your divider straight, no matter what its length. Both styles of dividers have aluminum frames as well as casters that lock when you need to keep your dividers staying in place.

If you’re concerned about budget, then rest assured that we do have more economical temporary room dividers that have most of the features of our higher-end ones. They feature panels of 100% cotton canvas that are replaceable and flame-retardant. Our most popular canvas model is our portable accordion partition which features 360-degree hinges to shape your set of panels in a variety of ways. We also have single-panel partitions that can roll across the floor on casters or flip about a corner to reverse height and width dimensions for extra versatility.

Temporary room dividers don’t have to be used just for indoor purposes. Many businesses and organizations can make use of them for outdoor applications as well. Events such as outdoor parties or concerts could use dividers to add a touch of visual privacy for guests. For instance, gathering near a swimming pool can have a small sitting or lounging space to themselves while still being a part of their surroundings. Cooking areas or catering companies can also use temporary room dividers to help designate a food service area or simply to obscure their food preparation areas.

Pool pumps and garbage bins can also be hidden during outdoor events. If you organize craft fairs where individuals showcase their creations, temporary room dividers can help organize each unique space. Our elegant outdoor-friendly temporary room dividers feature densely-woven wicker partitions framed out with either steel or welded aluminum. Our configurable partitions allow you to expand as much as you prefer with the addition of posts and 4’ panels whose heights you can choose at 3’10” and 5’11”. We also have portable single-panel and folding 3-panel and 5-panel options.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, what building you occupy, or what event you organize. At Cubicle World, we can set you up with just the right temporary room dividers to transform your space just the way you like it. Our representatives are eager to assist you and offer free consultations and even space planning services to prepare your space for your new room dividers. We also offer free shipping on all of our products. Don’t hesitate to contact Cubicle World today!

Temporary Room Dividers – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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