The Best Office Cubicle Solution for your Business 

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February 15, 2022

Now is the time to revolutionize your business office space and we are here to guide you in every step of the way. We have three words for you: Cubicle World cubicles! The best office cubicle solution for your business is right here. Whether you are downsizing, expanding, or even moving office spaces, we can provide everything you need to complete that process successfully and efficiently. We have new, used, and refurbished products to enhance or modernize your office space on any budget. Cubicles can be used to create workstations, offices, or even entire systems for your business. So, let’s explore different office cubicle types that can be used as your business evolves and your employees will appreciate the change.  

Cubicle Workstations 

Perhaps the most common idea of a cubicle is a cubicle workstation, which is where multiple open concept cubicles are placed together in the direct center of an office space or floor. Whether that is something you currently have or want to implement or change, Cubicle World will maximize the available space you have for productivity and efficiency. With us, you can customize wall heights, desk size spaces, movable walls and more to get the utmost out of your cubicle workstations. The benefits of an office upgrade are endless.  This is our favorite part! 

Cubicle workstations can: 

  • increase collaboration between employees.  
  • provide space for those who need a desk or workspace for only part of the work week. 
  • diversify open workspaces for those who crave frequent change. 
  • expand informal meeting spaces and increase space options for temporary work. 
  • ease office space up for businesses that work with clients or consultants.  
  • be the right option for your business if you need to increase any of the above or want to create a collaborative environment as more people return to the office. 

Office Cubicles 

So, let’s jumpstart some collaborative efforts and increase privacy for employees.  Office cubicles have the flexibility to change wall heights and types, as well as adding doors and frosted glass. Office cubicles can be a great solution for optimizing the benefits of both remote and office employees. They are different from workstations as they are a more permanent or an enclosed office space for an employee. This allows for a more individualized workstation concept.  

Additionally, cubicle offices:  

  • are great for hybrid working modalities where some people onsite may be routinely meeting with those offsite. 
  • are also great for fully onsite modalities and can be a way to modernize the space for efficiency and productivity
  • provide privacy where needed without taking up the space of a full office. 
  • optimize space for a worksite by sectioning off meeting and working spaces.  
  • offer seclusion for clients and consultants desiring to hold private meetings.  

Office Cubicle Systems 

We can design both offices and workstations that will allow employees to choose their workplace setting.  This option could be most desirable and productive for businesses with flexible work schedules and modalities. An office cubicle system combines the element of independent cubicle offices and workstations into one design concept. So, that means your business space can have multiple facets and functionalities all in one. Cubicles are either freestanding or mounted on a panel, and both options allow for flexibility in design and placement. Freestanding cubicles are more in line with cubicle workstations while paneled cubicles are more in line with office cubicles.  

We do the work so you do not have to – you don’t need to be an expert in cubicles or office spaces to choose office furniture. Even though the word “cubicle” is often associated with negative workplace imagery, our results give a positive workplace vibe. An updated office design will be something exciting for your employees as they start returning to the office on a regular basis.  Our modern cubicle offices and workstations may be named “cubicles,” but they certainly feel a lot more personalized and unique than ever before! They also provide the opportunity to be customized both before and after installation. The best part of change is when you actually have a say in it.  

Office Cubicle Types 

There are a variety of options to choose from when designing your business’s workstations. The office cubicle types we offer are endless. Let us help boost your business with our office cubicles. An office space sets the precedent for expectations and company culture. Simply shifting your cubicles can enhance the employee, client, consultant, and the general office experience. When the overall experience is enhanced, then productivity is improved and the quality of services can drive up business.  

Cubicle World can customize your: 

  • wall types (hello modern walls with dry erase and frosted glass options)! 
  • fabrics and materials that compose the cubicle. 
  • doors with a sleek design for mobility and modernity (think locks for security and ease in opening/closing). 
  • wall heights. 
  • desk sizes and the amount of storage within the cubicle.  
  • cubicle sizes – ditch the standard cubicle for unique shapes, sizes, and layouts! 
  • spaces for both privacy and collaboration.  
  • current set-up for refurbishment, even if it is just to enhance access to and utilization of technology.  

If you don’t know where to start, we can help come up with the design ideas for your specific needs.  Here at Cubicle World, we are on your team to ensure success, comfort, and functionality all in one. If you have been thinking of ways to grow your business, we guarantee success by investing in a new office design. The time is now – what are you waiting for? Contact us today for your commitment free consultation and quote. Cubicle World Cubicles are the best office cubicle solution for your business! 

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