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February 22, 2019
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If you’re looking for the perfect three-panel room divider for your home or place of work, then look no further! Cubicle World specializes in all kinds of office furniture and that includes privacy panels large and small and in a variety of colors and materials.

Whether adding a much-needed meeting area to your office or outfitting your classroom with an art wall, let us help you find the right three-panel room divider to accommodate your small-scale partitioning needs.

Three-panel room dividers can have many of the same uses and applications that dividers of other sizes do, but with a three-panel variety there’s a smaller scale at play. While you won’t be able to efficiently wall off large areas, there are plenty of instances when you need to create more intimate spaces for smaller gatherings–a job only a smaller-scale three-panel room divider can do.

One very common application for our three-panel room dividers is the healthcare industry. Since this is generally a setting where medical professionals deal with patients on a one-to-one basis, smaller zones tend to be common.

With portable three-panel room dividers, a healthcare facility can create anything from immunization areas to health screening and blood workup stations. Nursing stations and blood banks can also make use of these dividers. If this is the case, it may be best to opt for polycarbonate paneling where specifiable, thanks to its durable, non-absorbent nature and its ability to clean easily.

Three-panel room dividers can feature in the office space in the form of an impromptu area for small office, client, or project team meetings; a lunch break area or lounge; or a job interview space. Schools can also benefit when these dividers can be used for testing stations, presentation walls, or wall showcasing original student artwork, even simply as a bulletin board. Schools are often the sites of voting areas during election periods as well. Here, three-panel room dividers can help to direct voters to booths while also offering an extra level of privacy while casting ballots.

The home is not to be overlooked and is actually a perfect setting for these small-scale three-panel room dividers. They can be used as old fashioned dressing screens in the bedroom or bathroom, or they can add a degree of privacy from the rest of the family when transforming the dining room or den into an impromptu office space. If sharing a living space with a roommate, you can use the divider as an extra measure of privacy.

They can even be moved in front of windows when curtains aren’t available to offer privacy from public view. Hotels can also feature three-panel room dividers in their lobby and waiting areas. Often there are lounge areas that accommodate business gatherings. Especially if featuring our acoustical fabric, these dividers can offer superior acoustical performance for privacy and sound absorption while adding visual appeal to a small business meeting.

Among our many great varieties room dividers, we carry a line of canvas partitioning products that are durable as well as beautiful. Perfect for any person or business who’s on a limited budget, our canvas dividers are an excellent economical alternative to our more premium dividers found in acoustical fabric or polycarbonate.

Our canvas three-panel room divider is a folding privacy screen that can be used over a wide array of applications. Simple yet versatile, it’s also very lightweight, coming in at just under 40 pounds. This, coupled with its ability to collapse down to a thickness of 4”, makes this divider a breeze to store, transport, and operate. Simply carry it out from storage to your preferred location and unfold it.

The canvas three-panel room divider is comprised of a durable frame of 16-gauge 1.25” round steel tubing for strength. Additional durability as well as safety come with the rounded plastic corner joints that connect the frame elements together. The frame supports replaceable 100% cotton canvas panels that are lightweight and yet durable and flame-retardant.

One of the best features that’s not found on your average divider is the patented 360-degree hinge system. This is what allows for the full range of motion and optimal flexibility of each panel of your three-panel room divider. You can configure your divider into variants of the “C,” “S,” and “L” shapes to conform to your preferences and the nature of the space or activity it’s needed for.

When shaping and rotating the panels, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself, thanks to the no-pinch hinge. This canvas three-panel room divider is only available at a size of 6’x6’. It comes in four stylish colors of blue, red, beige, and black. This divider can be used for a nursing station, vaccination area, office workstation divider, or even a privacy partition in a houseshare.

You can also create an instant divider almost anywhere with our affordable sliding three-panel room divider. With its lightweight aluminum frame, joined through a cast aluminum corner joint, this is a lightweight but very durable product that’s a breeze to handle. Add the low-profile, dual-wheel casters and it can easily glide across the room either freely as a portable version or as the wall-mounted version.

This three-panel room divider is available in heights of 70”, 80”, and 88”, not including the wheels. A single width of 7’ is kept straight and narrow with the help of the patented sliding mechanism that allows each panel to expand and contract in a telescoping action.

You can specify this three-panel room divider in either our popular acoustical fabric which is composed of our sound-dampening fiberglass. These panels also accept thumbtacks so they can double as a wall to showcase art, posters, and other signage, and can therefore be suitable for schools and offices, as well as home use. We also carry this sliding three-panel room divider in our stylish panels of polycarbonate, a tough plastic that’s easy-to-clean and highly resistant to impact and temperature extremes.

For this reason, this could be a great addition to a healthcare facility or medical lab, where infection control and the handling of bodily fluids is common. A blood bank or anywhere where a blood workup is performed is also a good application. This three-panel room divider also has a folding version, which is available as a wall-mounted or portable option. Our folding divider also comes in widths of 70”, 80”, 88” and with a single available height of 8’4”.

Our privacy screen is another beautiful and elegant three-room divider that offers a quick partitioning solution in a number of settings. This three-panel room divider can be selected from a variety of colors to pair easily with many different styles and unique decor. The acoustical tri-fold divider, which offers privacy in terms of both sound and sight, is a cinch to transport and operate. The patented 360-degree hinges help to make the panels completely foldable so storage is quick and simple.

Many colors and fabrics choices are available to suit your style and the decor of your space perfectly. Every panel of this three-panel room divider is wrapped with an acoustical fabric that’s flame-retardant as well. They’re also supported and secured by an aluminum frame, lending a high degree of structural durability while also being very lightweight. Each fabric panel also accepts thumbtacks as even Velcro, extending it role as more than just a space divider. A spray-cleanable polycarbonate option is also available.

There are many uses for this privacy screen three-panel room divider. It can be used for anything from a break or meeting room, testing center, health care station, or voting area, or for home use. It’s also been used within the sunless tanning industry as an impromptu space for airbrushing clients or as the backdrop for an existing room.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of our three-panel room divider options. Many of our other models come in a variety of size, color, and material choices and can be specified to order as three-panel variants. This includes our workstation screens, perfectly designed for the office setting to create private, windowed workstations.

One of our most popular room dividers is the super-flexible portable, 360-hinge variety, available in acoustical fabric or polycarbonate and also offered as a wall-mounted version. There’s a sliding counterpart to this model as well. Other models that could yield you a three-panel room divider are our large-scale wall-mounted room partition, which emulates a conventional wall and can reach a height of twelve feet as either a sliding or folding option.

We carry more specialized products that offer up a three-panel room divider option as well. Our densely-woven folding wicker partition can be used indoors or outdoors but offers a warm, exotic touch to any patio or pool area.

There’s also our bullet-resistant portable shield partition, which is constructed using ARMAT ballistic material to help keep our school children safe in the case of an active shooter on campus. Please call Cubicle World for more details on this or any partitions we carry.

Whether for your home or your company, let Cubicle World be your one-stop location for all things room divider. Among our extensive collection of dividers available in a number of colors, materials, and sizes, don’t overlook our three-panel room dividers which can help to add a unique touch as you create more intimate spaces.

Give Cubicle World a call today for a free consultation so we can guide you to your perfect partition, and don’t forget to ask us about our free shipping on every order you place!

3 Panel Room Divider – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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