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August 1, 2016

As you compare the pros and cons of private office spaces with call center cubicles, you really should view images of office spaces filled with cubicles. If you’re worried about overcrowding the space you have, making it hard for you and your employees to move around, then you need to see that you’ll still have the space you need. Call center cubicles are much smaller than the private offices you’re thinking of eliminating, which may make your monthly lease payment much lower.

When Saving Space is a Priority

Going back to those images, here’s what you’ll see. Rows of cubicles, with sufficient aisle space in between each row of cubicles. Even better, if you have small groups of employees working on specific projects, you can have groupings, or pods, of cubicles so these employee groups aren’t distracted by other ongoing projects.

If you don’t want to buy the traditional, rectangular cubicles, then consider the oval cubicles that conjoin with each other. These may have a low wall that helps to divide employees and their paperwork – but they will still be able to interact and collaborate with each other as needed.

Some call center cubicles are equipped with small file cabinets that allow employees to store paperwork and supplies.

Next, ask to see drawings of the different cubicle configurations you could use in your own business. Long rows, short rows or small “pod” groupings are all options.

Call Center Cubicles versus Private Offices

When you weigh your options, you are focusing more on saving limited, valuable space. Private offices should be reserved only for those who truly need them. For your other employees, providing them with cubicles, along with the rest of the equipment they will use, allows you to bring in more employees. When you don’t need those employees, allow those cubicles to remain vacant or have them broken down and stored until you need to hire more people again.

Contrast this with how much space you’ll use if every employee has their own enclosed, private office. You’ll need a much larger office space. Because saving money is important, opt for cubicles and use the savings elsewhere.

Cubicles Don’t Mean a “Cubicle Farm”

Returning to images of cubicles in an office space, forget all those nightmares that the words “cubicle farm” or the movie, “Office Space,” may bring up. It’s not necessary to have your new cubicles set up in long and endless rows.

If it’s important for you to keep departments or groups of employees separate, then ask to have your new cubicles arranged to suit your business’ needs. If you’re working on several accounts or projects, it may actually suit to have smaller cubicle groupings.

Choose a Variety of Call Center Cubicles

Finally, think “variety.” As in, you don’t have to have every cubicle you order look exactly the same. Some can be small, rectangular cubicles with short dividers; other cubicles can be extended oval-shaped cubicles arranged together. Or some cubicles can have high back walls with overhead bins for storage. Next, look at a cubicle that seats up to six people. Short walls separate each space one from the other. This is a natural grouping or pod arrangement that enables these employees to work collaboratively. Our furniture experts at Cubicle World can help you decide. Check out our cubicles today.

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