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New, Secondhand & Refurbished Cubicles For Sale In West Houston, Texas. Used Cubicle Stores Near Me.
August 23, 2016

As you make plans to replace the cubicles you’ve had in your office for the past several years, you realize that the technology has changed. For one thing, your employees will be able to take advantage of new features that will make their work days easier. You may be weighing your choices between used, new and refurbished. When you’ve made your last decision about cubicles, you may have decided to order a mix of new, refurbished and used cubicles.

Know the Difference Between New, Used and Refurbished

We won’t worry about describing the new cubicles other than to remind you to ask about and look for any new features that used and refurbished cubicles may not have.

“Used” cubicles are those that have been sent to an office supply store, still in good, usable condition. As you look at these cubicles, you may notice a few flaws, scratches and dings on surfaces. These aren’t significant enough to make them unusable, but you may want to have these repaired.

Refurbished” cubicles have had scratches to the desk’s surface, fiber and glass panels replaced and other small repairs made. These may look more like-new than their used counterparts.

Be Prepared to Buy Cubicles from More than One Source

As you source the cubicles you’re getting ready to buy, you may find some at one store and others in another location. This is something you should expect to happen, because one store isn’t going to have all of the styles or numbers you need.

If you think about it, the used and refurbished cubicles are being sent to stores by large and small businesses. That’s why you won’t be able to order every call center cubicle you need. If you have specific arrangements of cubicles in groupings for your employees, you’ll need to spend some time looking for what you need – in the end, you may need to order these cubicles new, rather than used.

Don’t Forget Warranties

As you discuss your company’s needs with our Cubicle World furniture experts, remember to discuss any applicable warranties with them. Depending on what you decide to buy, you’ll be able to get warranties for the new and possibly, the refurbished cubicles you choose. If you choose any used cubicles, you won’t receive any warranties for them – the purchase terms will be on an as-is basis.

If this affects your decision to buy any used cubicles, focus on choosing new or refurbished cubicles. This way, your company’s investment is protected by the terms of the warranties.

Buy with Ergonomics in Mind

You and your employees want to be comfortable while working at your cubicles. Remember “ergonomics,” which means you’ll be able to sit, do computer work, reach for the phone or calculator, and stand and reach for something in the overhead bin.

If you decide that ergonomics is just “too expensive” for your company, take a second look at the real expense of work-related injuries. These keep your employees at home and unable to do their assigned work and, when they are at work, they force your employees to work at a much slower pace, which also affects your bottom line. Ask about ergonomics for every cubicle you’re interested in buying. Find the cubicles you need today at Cubicle World.

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