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Used Office Cubicles For Sale In Bellaire Texas, Richmond, Texas, Dickinson, Texas
November 1, 2016

Is your budget ready for a batch of new office cubicles? Maybe not.

That’s why used cubicles may be the answer. Used doesn’t mean they have to look bad, shoddy or old. If you are careful in making your choices, you’ll be better able to choose cubicles that fit your budget, look good, carry warranties and can be adapted to your current needs.

Thinking about Budget

Your company’s budget is likely to be the biggest reason you choose to buy used cubicles. The listed price on the cubicles you choose shouldn’t be the only factor you think about as you make your choice. You’re buying in volume, so why not ask about a volume discount? You’re likely to get a positive answer because office furniture stores and used office furniture outlets need to keep the stock of used furniture moving out the door – they have more used items coming in, therefore they need the room.

Another thing to consider is that used, refurbished, second-hand and re-manufactured office cubicles won’t have a high overhead. You won’t have to worry about bearing this cost.

Considering Adaptability and Quality

The configuration of your cubicles today may not be the configuration you need in one, two or five years. The demands of your business for you and your employees means that you’ll need to move your cubicles around. This is where “adaptability” comes in. How easily can those cubicles you’re looking at be reconfigured? Will they easily accommodate new equipment as it comes online? Because they are used, will these cubicles maintain their usefulness for as long as you own them? Get answers to all of these questions as you look at used cubicles.

Used cubicles shouldn’t be “cheap,” just because you’re saving money. The price you pay per cubicle should be equal to the quality of the cubicles you’re thinking of buying. What you eventually choose should stand up to hard use.

Look for a Timeless Style

If you buy the current trend in cubicles, your office may end up looking “dated” in two or three years. What if, instead of buying the current look in cubicles, you chose cubicles bearing a classic or timeless style? This means you’ll be able to keep those cubicles and ensure that your office space looks professional and attractive. If you have any questions about our used and stylish cubicles, give us a call here at Cubicle World.

After-Sale Support and Warranty

You don’t want Murphy’s Law to bite you or your company. Ol’ Murphy will be watching you as you decide whether to accept the additional cost of after-sale support. Shortly after your used cubicles have been delivered and installed, that law will rise up and bite. Someone will trip over something and fall into a cubicle wall, breaking the supports. That’s when after-sale support is most needed.

As is the warranty. Ask every store whether it offers warranty for its used cubicles that are in good or even better condition. Then, when someone causes accidental damage, the cost of repairs won’t take such a big bite out of your budget. Ready to start shopping? Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and choose used.

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