How To Maximize Space with Portable White Canvas Folding Room Dividers

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March 4, 2019
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At Cubicle World, thanks to the white room dividers we carry, you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to create a bright, beautiful space for any occasion or application.

The portable canvas partitions that we carry are an excellent low-cost alternative to our more premium dividers, but they’re just as stylish, durable, and easy to operate.

You can maximize space with portable white canvas folding room dividers for when you need to make the most of a small space while on a small budget. Simply contact us for any guidance to help pair you with your perfect white room divider.

The color white can have many advantages to its strategic use in a space, whether in the form of a painted wall, a white chair, and even a white room divider. Just by itself, it can make a statement, or it can help to reinforce a sense of branding around the office space. It can expand your color palette as well, since white goes with everything.

You don’t have to be an expert in color theory to know that using white decor can have many advantages, whether it be for your home or place of business. Since dividers act as walls, a white room divider can mimic the same characteristics of a traditional wall as well.

Very few people are able to relax in a space that’s confining or uncomfortable, but painting it white helps to brighten it, making it appear to have more lighting and als making it feel more spacious. The color white can help you brighten an otherwise dark and dreary room. Place a white room divider in the corner of a space that gets little light and it can greatly help to transform your space.

There are other benefits to opting for our white canvas products. By brightening up a dull, dreary space, you can also help to uplift a user’s mood, which can lead to more productivity in an office or school setting. A backdrop created by a white room divider can also allow your furnishings to stand out.

Canvas privacy panels in general can be used for many applications, and are especially suited to those on a tight budget or with little funding. As a teacher or daycare provider, you can help corral rowdy children for playful activities and projects, as well as for storytelling, by adding a canvas white room divider in a small, poorly-lit room.

A church can brighten their Bible study group spaces, as can a library with its study rooms, by punctuating these spaces with white room dividers. If you have a need for partitioning at home, as in a houseshare, these dividers can

Small low-cost neighborhood clinics can use these dividers as vaccination areas, and nursing stations can be located anywhere with this divider. A small business that occupies a cramped office space can use a canvas white room divider as a light-reflective backdrop to its daily operations or as a partition for a pop-up meeting or break area.

We carry two canvas folding white room dividers, both which are offered in beige and both which will help you not to break the bank. While these canvas products are excellenct choices in and of themselves they’re often used as more cost-effective alternative to some of our more premium products.

One of our most popular affordable, as well as most versatile, white room dividers we carry is a multi-panel folding variety that in many ways takes its cue from our more costly 360-degree portable folding room divider, available in acoustical fabric or polycarbonate.

One of the biggest differences here is the panel system, which consists of our durable yet lightweight and replaceable 100% cotton flame-retardant canvas panels. A frame of 16-gauge, 1.25” round steel tubing adds excellent stability to the overall panel system. The rounded plastic corner joints ensure this white room divider is stable as well.

While not as keen on acoustical performance as our more costly fabric or polycarbonate models, our multi-panel canvas white room divider shares many other amenities that make our premium models so desirable.

A patented system of 360-degree hinges allows the panels a full range of motion and versatility, allowing you to manipulate the configuration of your divider to multiple shapes, such as variants of the “L”, “C”, and “S.”

Depending on the nature of the activity occurring inside the divider, you can move this white room divider in almost any configuration you choose. The no-pinch seams also help to eradicate any possibility of injury while operating and rotating the panels of this divider.

The ease of transport is evident in the accompanying video of this white room divider. The 3” dual-wheel swivel casters allow you to lock the partition system in place while still operating individual panels to your liking and without marking the floor.

You can also easily collapse this white room divider into a manageable form–less than 4 square feet of floor space– for when you want to put them into storage and bring them back out. A size end panel at each end of the divider helps to increase stability while eliminating tripping hazards;

Available heights include 4’. 6’, and 6’10”, while widths of 6’ or 10’ are possible.. If you care to create a longer wall than what one unit specifies, Velcro connectors are located at each end panel so that you can connect your white room dividers together with ease.

Thanks to the lightweight nature of the fabric panels, the sturdiness of the frame, and its relatively small profile once collapsed, this portable canvas white room divider is excellent for dividing large areas such as auditoriums, classrooms, and gymnasiums, especially with the help of the Velcro connectors. These dividers also serve smaller spaces in schools, classrooms, and libraries.

We also carry another affordable canvas in the form of our simple but versatile three-panel white room divider. While very similar to our multi-panel divider, it’s only available with three panels and comes in direct contact with the floor without the use of casters.

This one is also constructed of 100% cotton canvas panels supported by 16-gauge 1.25” round steel tubing connected with plastic corner joints. Easily collapsible and transportable at just under 40 pounds of weight, this 6’x6’ white room divider is easily operated for convenient use as a privacy screen in many small-scale settings including an apartment or office. It can also be used as a possible nursing station or immunization or lab workup area.

At Cubicle World, we can help you every step of the way in selecting a canvas white room divider that can effectively suit your space needs without blowing your budget.

Call us for a free consultation to be on your way to brightening up even the darkest corners of your space. You can also inquire about our free shipping, which is always guaranteed with every order that you place! Give us a call today!

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