Who Can Use Acoustical Wall Seperators?

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February 25, 2019
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Cubicle World has wall separators of all sizes, materials, and shapes to help you create new office spaces and control your physical surroundings, at the office or otherwise. However, sometimes what goes perfectly with a solution to your spatial problems is a solution to your noise-control problems as well. If you work in a setting where sound control is of equal importance to your need to develop a productive workspace, then you may be interested in our acoustical wall dividers.

Virtually anyone can enjoy using acoustical wall separators. However, the biggest benefits may be in store for any facility that prioritizes sound-dampening in order for activities within to continue without interruption and at a high quality. That might sound a bit broad, but there are facilities or events may need a high level of sound control more than others. Many of us work in a traditional office that requires regular meetings among all or certain employees.

This may be in the form of an office-wide meeting held by an executive staff member, a smaller project-based team meeting, a client meeting, or even a more intimate job interview. In any case, acoustical wall separators are necessary for these moments which, while relatively few, require clear communication and understanding among all participants. It also allows workers to stay on task while a meeting’s taking place.

Many educational facilities, as well as auditoriums in various buildings, hold events where speeches act as an integral part. An acoustical wall separator can help to focus sound when placed behind the speaker. A school principal or a valedictorian during a graduation ceremony is a perfect example for when one may come in handy, and a panel discussion with multiple speakers can benefit from several of wall separators connected together if need be.

Even more daily activities in a school can benefit from an acoustical wall separator. A space for exams or a study hall can be created when there’s no adequate testing facility. A space for music or drama class can be improved when using a wall separator alternatively as a wall panel instead. It can also act as a general sound barrier between each classroom when no conventional walls exist and where boundaries marked by other furniture don’t suffice.

Last but definitely not least are recording facilities. Anyone who has worked professionally in the radio or recording industry, whether it be a musician, a sound engineer, a radio host, or a podcaster, knows just how invaluable the role of acoustical paneling plays in helping to block and absorb sound in order to develop a quality audio product. An acoustical wall separator such as ours can work as either a wall-like barrier or a wall-lining panel to ensure an acoustically-sound environment for this very goal. Even amateur home recording enthusiasts will appreciate how an acoustical wall separator can sonically transform their domestic space into a more studio-like environment.

Thanks to the internet, people now more than ever are sharing their personal opinions and their original creative, artistic expressions to the public through vlogs, podcasts, Youtube videos, and media-sharing platforms, to name a few. Acoustical wall separators can be taken out when needed in order to accommodate these occasions and then easily stored again for when daily domestic activities resume.

While we carry many wall separators that are designed with excellent noise control in mind, one particular series of products that we have available is perfectly geared toward providing a superior level sound-dampening capability. Made of acoustical ribbed fabric and heavy foam, these wall separators also sit directly onto the floor–as opposed to supported on locking casters–to create a continuous surface to confine and control sound as much as possible.

Our four-panel folding acoustical wall separator is excellent not just for creating new spaces as you need them but also for dampening and controlling noise. The acoustical ribbed fabric, available in a “quiet” beige, gray, or powder blue, is also fully-tackable, meaning that you can even triple its use as a display area for hanging items such as calendars, photos, artwork, and notes. This model can even go from acoustical wall separator to acoustic wall paneling. By placing various panels creatively against the walls of your space, you can control its overall acoustics, such as reducing reverberation, while also adding nice visual accents to the room.

As mentioned earlier, unlike our other portable wall separators designed with locking casters, the panels of this separator reach down to come in direct contact with the floor across its entire width. This is to make sure that wanted sound is confined within your space while unwanted noise is confined beyond the wall separator.

This divider can support itself just by standing it up in a zig-zag fashion, but if your workstation or other such space is better accommodated by a different configuration or you’re just looking for a nice change of scenery, our engineered footings are available for guiding the panels into the shape of either an “L” or a “C.” This can add a new dimension of flexibility to your wall separator while also giving it extra stability. It’s also lightweight and easily collapsible, so you don’t have to strain when operating or relocating.

While this acoustical wall separator comes in only one size–with a width of 8’ and a height of 6’6”–there’s nothing stopping you from creating a continuous wall across your space by using multiple units of this model. Plastic top and bottom caps run along the width of the separator to ensure durability and a long life as well. Just make use of the built-in magnets found along the ends of this wall separator. A model such as this wall separator can work well for quickly and conveniently forming additional office work areas that need a reasonable level of privacy, temporary meeting areas such as such as those for job interviews, portable classrooms, and recording studios in the home.

Another popular acoustical wall separator happens to be our versatile, multi-panel partition wall, which is naturally also constructed of acoustical fabric that covers heavy foam cores. This thick and lush partition tends to be very popular in recording studios because of the excellent job it does at dampening sound while also being visually appealing at the same time, being available in a few stylish colors.

Because of the many thin panels that compose it, this partition has a “fluted” quality, making it a highly flexible product that can be physically formed into a variety of shapes, depending on users’ needs. Fluid shapes such as curves or variants of the “S” shape are possible. However, just like with our four-panel wall separator, footings and other accessories are available to bend this model into more angled configurations. Musicians, recording professionals, podcasters, and vloggers, might find these footings useful when the “L” and “C” configurations easily preferred for recording and testing spaces.

Because of the flexibility of this wall separator, not just recording studios can use it, but offices and classrooms as well. They can work well as a backdrop for focusing sound for speeches at small ceremonies. They can even be great for open mic nights and comedy nights at a coffee shop, bar, or comedy club.

This wall separator, one of which measures 8’ wide by 6’6” tall, can also be attached to others for a longer wall due to the magnets that are found at its ends. For ease of movement and storage, it can also be rolled up and velcroed together. Plastic end caps at the top and bottom widths help to strengthen this partition against wear.

Our smaller version of this multi-panel wall separator has virtually all of the same features but is set at a single available height of 4’ high. The reason for this is that it’s aimed at our smaller users. Daycare centers, and preschools and primary schools are no doubt the sites of much noise and mayhem, not to mention places that foster continuous learning through various exciting and dynamic activities.

The fabric surface of this junior wall separator has all the tackability of its larger counterpart, allowing it to stand as a wall to showcase children’s artwork and other creations. It can be used as the permanent backdrop for a teacher’s lesson or story-telling space, and it can also be used in a gymnasium setting as a crash pad stationed along a wall or simply on the floor.

These are excellent examples of what we have by way of acoustical wall separators, but this is nowhere near an exhaustive list. Contact us at Cubicle World for a free consultation to determine what all we have in store and what would be the right choice for your noise-controlled space. We are always happy to help satisfy your unique partitioning needs with our unique wall separators, which ship free to you with any purchase you make. Give us a call at Cubicle World today!

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