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Quality New Office Cubicles For Sale
February 16, 2016

Wholesale Office Cubicles For Sale

Gone are the days of the cubicles made famous (or infamous) in “Dilbert” or “Office Space.” Thankfully! Employees working in these conditions were lucky to make progress on one project, let alone the three, four or five they’d been assigned. While today’s cubicles still have entrances with no doors, some are equipped with closing doors (think privacy and quiet) while others are large enough to allow entire teams to interact and work together.

Cubicles with High Walls

Privacy and just a little more quiet. That’s not too much to ask. Yet, companies not “in the know” when it comes to the needs of their employees may not think about buying cubicles that offer these. How? Simply, with walls that are five feet high or higher.

Employees in various departments, such as IT, HR, web design or even graphic designers may work with confidential paperwork or their work demands a high level of concentration. When you’re ready to buy your new wholesale cubicles, remember this point: Offer the conditions your employees need and they will repay you with higher productivity.

Doors on Cubicles

This feature may have caught you by surprise, and this is fine. Today’s cubicles can be fitted with doors that swing open and closed.

You’ve seen it happen too many times. The bullpen is relatively quiet and employees are busy on assigned projects. Then, someone suffering from a bad allergy attack or cold lets out a huge sneeze that echoes through the open office space. Everyone loses their focus. The sneezing employee wipes their nose and issues a sheepish apology.

Cubicles Interspersed with Conference Areas

Some of your work teams are teams in the truest sense of the word. They have to collaborate several times throughout the day. They need to have a large space nearby where they can take laptops, blueprints and large sheaves of documents so they can make good progress on the current work assignment.

Here, you need a setup with a conference area placed in the middle of the cubicles.

Cubicles that Offer Team Space

Your teams need space to work together, and so they can get away from each other when they need a little quiet, alone time. If your office space is large enough, you should be able to create an open space with some small kitchen appliances where they can do this.

These spaces should also allow for unplanned get-togethers for employees who are working together, but who haven’t consciously planned a meeting.

Cubicles that Create a Physical Boundary

While open space is becoming ever more popular, some workers may still need privacy and space to get their work done. Ask about wholesale cubicles that have areas where workers can “get away from everyone.” When they are ready to rejoin their team, their cubicle is just steps away.

Cubicles with Sound-Deadening Materials

Even with high walls, noise can creep into cubicles. Order fabric-covered tile toppers and have these installed on every cubicle you’re ordering. For those cubicles equipped with doors, these can be helpful, because the top height likely won’t reach the ceiling.

A Small Footprint, but Lots of Room

You opted for cubicles for one reason: space. Still, employees need sufficient room to move and work. Decide what size new cubicles can be. Determine whether you’ll be able to order enough for all employees, then ensure that everyone will fit comfortably in their cubicles.

Glass Toppers that Let in Light

Natural light is an office feature that everyone jockeys for. Sadly, you have only so many windows and the cubicles by those windows get the lion’s share of the sunlight. Equip all cubicles with glass toppers so everyone gets just a little more light. When you have questions, call our experts at Cubicle World. When you’re ready to start shopping, browse our cubicles.

More Information on ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

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