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December 16, 2015

Wholesale Office Furniture At Affordable Prices!

“Quality wholesale office furniture? Isn’t that like calling your cat ‘obedient?'” Actually, you can buy high-quality wholesale office furniture and enjoy it for many years into the future.

Chairs – Posture

As you’re looking at the chairs you’re thinking of buying, give them a test drive. Sit in them and see just how comfortable your back and entire body feel as you’re testing them. What you should notice:

º You easily maintain correct, upright posture. If you end up leaning forward or slouching in any way, your spine gets distorted.

º Scooting forward in your chair. The seat is too long for your thighs. If you buy chairs of this size for everyone in your company, the shorter employees will put considerable strain on their lower backs, necks and the backs of their thighs.

º Stability of the chair. Wiggle and jiggle around in your chair. Act like a small kindergartner with the wiggles (all apologies to wiggly kindergartners). If the chair doesn’t wiggle with you, it’s sturdy and will hold up to your movements in your office as you work.

Why You Need a Chair with Good Ergonomic Construction

You and your co-workers spend lots of hours sitting in your office chairs. It’s not worth developing preventable body aches to buy chairs that cost a few dollars less than the quality office chairs you should be buying.

Compare the chairs you’re looking at. Do they both offer good lumbar support for your lower back? Does the seat itself accommodate almost the full length of your thighs? Are the chairs‘ heights adjustable for tall and short workers? When you rest your arms on the rests, are you comfortable?

Upholstered Furniture Composition

Some of the furniture you buy may be upholstered. That is, the cushions are covered with a zippered cover. What should you see when you look a little more deeply into the materials these pieces of office furniture contain?

º A tag with cleaning codes. “X” tells you to vacuum the upholstery. “W” tells you you can use water-based cleaners on the cushions. Finally, “S” tells you to use only solvent-based cleaners.

º When you unzip the covers and look at the cushions, these should be blocks of foam that have been wrapped with cotton, dacron or, for true high-end furniture, down. The down should be covered with protective muslin.

Check the Construction of Upholstered Furniture

Look for upholstered furniture that has comfort coils. Sit on it – sitting in different spots. If your body tips, avoid this furniture. Do you sink? Move on.

Squeeze the backs and arms of the furniture. You shouldn’t feel the wood frame through the upholstery padding.

Eyes On the Construction of Wood Furniture

Furniture that has been connected with nails or staples is cheaply made and will fall apart quickly. Look, instead for furniture joined with mortise-and-tenon or dovetail joints.

Pick up the desk at one corner. If it squeaks, it’s cheaply made. Press on different areas. If it wobbles, keep looking.

Examine the Composition of Wood Furniture

You may not be able to avoid buying wood office furniture that’s made with plywood. If so, ensure that the pieces have at least nine layers. Look for wood with knots and try to avoid them.

If the base of the furniture is made of solid wood, it can have a veneer, which is a thin sheet of premium wood. Run your fingernail across the wood. Move on if you can find a visible dent in the piece. Cubicle World can help you find the furniture you need. Browse office furniture with us and we can help you find what you need.

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