Why Are 8×8 Cubicles Still So Popular?

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August 6, 2019
After all this time, 8×8 office cubicles continue to be one of the more popular cubicle sizes. You would think that the average office would want something so different than past decades that they would avoid anything that looked similar to something used in the 70s and 80s. However, this is NOT the case when it comes to 8×8 cubicles. While materials become increasingly sophisticated, and more options continue to become available, the basic design of this particular workstation remains static at its core. This is primarily due to some very practical, fictional considerations that every office manager or operations manager has to consider when making purchasing decisions for her or his company.

You can fit a lot of 8×8 cubicles into one room.
Because these workstations are the same size, they can be neatly installed in rows with aisle space in between. While cubicles in large call centers tend to be smaller, organizations who maintain their own support team in the house often prefer 8×8 cubicles over the 2×5 found in third party call center environments. The reason for this is simple. Workers feel a lot more empowered—and a lot more important—when they have 64 square feet of personal workspace compared to only 10 square feet. In some environments, where customer service and sales are blended almost past the point of distinction, you need to provide account executives with a more empowering and customized workspace in order to maintain focus on the complexities of an increasingly demanding, sophisticated customer base.

8×8 office cubicles are easy to accessorize.
Because this standard size has been used for over 5 decades now, every imaginable type of cubicle accessory has been invented with these specific dimensions in the back of the inventor’s mind. Doing otherwise would be like inventing the wheel for the car without first taking into account the size and constitution of the axle. Everything from the uniquely shaped desk, overhead storage bins, built-in filing drawers, tack boards, document trays, and technology power hubs have bee created with the 8×8, 64 square feet design mantra in mind.

If you are ordering 8×8 cubicles from us, and you want a particular type of accessory for those cubicles, the answer is yes-it exists.

8×8 office cubicles create a very well-ordered work environment.
We all know the difference between organized and focus and stuffy and stifling. However, it is not always easy to create just the right amount of formality without taking people back in time to the 40s. While it is good to have some traditional always under your feet, you don’t want to create a time warp around yourself. Many people end up inadvertently doing just that, however, when they start buying traditional office desks, tables, and case goods and end up building what looks like more of a library than a working office.

Cubicle World can save you from this trap by using aesthetically pleasing—yet essentially very basic—8×8 office cubicles. The fundamental, square geometry of these workstations creates an immediate sense of order and system. The aesthetics of these workstations can be scaled up with brightly colored panels and glass inserts or scaled-down with more neutral tones and mid-range panel heights. You can also have these cubicles reconfigured from time to time as your organization grows.

Start today by calling Cubicle World. Send us pictures of your office and a copy of your office floor plan. Tell us how you want to feel when you come into the office and let us know the details of what you need to get done to get ahead in your industry. We can design an office layout that will truly amaze you and bring you a return on your investment for years to come. Contact us today.

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