Why Has Cubicles Designed For Collaboration Become A Popular Form Of Workstation?

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July 11, 2018

Cubicles for collaboration have become very popular over the last decade.  Derived partly from the open concept office desin, and derived partly from the need to conserve floor space, collaborative workstations are built to encourage communication and teamwork.  These cubicles can be used to pair employees together, create small groups to work on projects, or create synergistic energy between members of an entire department. With Cubicle world, worksation size and design are always based upon task completion requirements.  Form follows function, because space plans are created to facilitate those activities that drive results and earn the organization revenue

While teamwork is crucial, we avoid building cubicles for collaboration with no boundaries at all.  Studies have shown that workers cannot concentrate very well in purely open concept office environments.  Almost everyone is distracted by the constant movement and noise in the surrounding environment. Some also take too many liberties with speech, becoming incessantly chatty with off topic conversations.  Still others feel anxious with a complete lack of privacy, fearing that others are watching them, looking at their monitors ,or suspecting supervisors of micromanaging them.

None of these behaviors engenders profitability in a workforce, so Cubicle World makes it a point to construct cubicles for collaboration that feature a blend of private work space and public conferencing areas.  On of the more popular designs we often employee is a modified L-shaped deign with a rounded corner on the short end that extends out between two seated employees. Some office furniture companies call this a “peninsula desk” because it resembles a peninsula of land jutting out into the ocean.  A desk mounted partition separates the front of the desk system between the two individual workers. However, the un-partitioned extension is a shared space where both parties can confer simply by pushing back their chairs and starting a conference

Because of the way they blend personal and shared space, cubicles for collaboration typically have smaller panel dividers than those used to build individual workstations.   Desk mounted panels are frequently used to build collaborative workstations because they allow us to divide a large, single desk into as many as 5 or 6 individual work areas that are connected to shared common spaces.  Not only does this balance the employee’s need for privacy with the organization’s need for teamwork, but it also reduces the cost of materials. Desk mounted partitions are much less expensive than floor mounted panels, so more can be done for less in even the smallest of offices.  

Cubicle World owns its own factory, which allows us to build customized cubicles for collaboration that can be purchased factory direct at prices that resellers and retailers simply cannot touch.  We also own our own fleet of trucks, so we can bundle moving, installation, and setup with your purchase for an affordable turnkey price tailored to fit your budget. Call now to request a free space plan drawing.

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