What Should You Consider When Purchasing Work Office Cubicles?

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May 28, 2019
Work office cubicles are the perfect solution for when you want to both increase space as well as efficiency, while also helping you to reach the objectives that you’ve outlined for your particular business. At Cubicle World, you can find any work office cubicle that meets your personal desires, for the comfort of your employees as well as for the growth of your company. However. it’s important to consider certain things when selecting cubicles.

Work office cubicles don’t have to be strictly utilitarian. Their appearance is more of a concern than you might think. If you think about the sheer number of hours that the average American spends at a desk throughout their day, then it’s important for that workstation to be attractive as well as functional. You might also expect clients and outside visitors to walk through your office space. In a case like this, appearances can make or break their impression aspects of your company. Such things as level of tidiness and organization can have implications into pride and quality of work

One very important characteristic of the perfect work office cubicle is its functionality. It’s easy to get swept off your feet by attractive and fun features that should for all intents and purposes make your work life easier. However, if your company work flow or personal work habits don’t need that feature, then what good is it really? What might have been potentially useful has now contributed to wasted space.

Make sure that you know how you and your employees work and what features would best support that. Are you a company that still uses plenty of paper in your day-to-day activities? Then naturally a lateral file unit, as well as various paper trays and cubby holes would work perfectly in that particular workstation. A drawer that houses various paper-related office supplies, such as scissors, white-out, a stapler, and paper clips could also be invaluable to you work office cubicles.

Perhaps your office has gone paperless. In this case it may be likely that less storage features are needed as you or employees continue through their workday. Emphasis in features would come in the form of a proper surface to set up a laptop or desktop computer. A below-desk rack can hold the tower of the computer and suspend it to protect it from debris on the floor as well as kicks from users.

A retractable tray is usually saved for a keyboard, but who says that it can’t be a surface used for light paperwork as well? A paperless work office cubicle can still feature an overhead storage bin with underside LED task lighting for when you rely on manuals, reference books, or other catalogs as part of a smooth workflow.

Another important consideration is the layout of your office space. This might seem like a factor that’s easily overlooked, but it actually can have major implications. What’s the point in purchasing the right work office cubicles for your particular setting if how they’re placed in relationship to each other isn’t given a second thought? An office space offers a finite area to move around, so even though cubicles can range greatly in the amount of floor area it occupies, it’s always good to have a clear picture of how it’s used and by how many employees.

This is because it’s imperative to use the space to its fullest potential. Having aisles between workstations that are wide enough for general circulation as well as clustering cubicles together based on department, job function, or role in a particular project could be ways to increase the efficiency of your space and the work office cubicles within.

Are there particular departments that are louder or quieter than others? It may be a good idea to keep them physically separated so that those who need concentration and focus can still stay on task as those whose job requires continuous communication with clients can get successfully through their workday as well.

Maybe you’d like to look for work office cubicles that encourage collaboration between coworkers but keep it to a minimum. We carry workstations that can accommodate two people at one time, allowing for mutual interaction but without fully encroaching on one another’s space. This is mostly done through the use of wall panels. Fabric wall panels are perfect for dampening noise that carries through the workplace. However, the use of glass panels can soften the boundaries between coworkers.

Add a common work surface that connects one coworker’s work surface to another’s to add a collaborative area perfect for project teammates or employees who work inter-departmentally. Under-desk lateral filing units at each work office cubicle can contribute to efficiency and tidiness. Overhead bins and shelving can maximize storage space while saving floor area for comfortable navigation and work area. LED lighting helps to supplement any ambient lighting that might not be sufficient for more visually-oriented tasks.

Luckily Cubicle World offers more than just work office cubicles! We can measure your current office space to determine the best cubicles to occupy it. What kind of work does your company do? How do employees relate to each other as well as individually to their own business tasks? What kind of space and features do they need? Is growth expected in the immediate future, or downsizing? All of these questions figure into determining the right office layout for your business and its unique needs. We can provide CAD drawings that demonstrate a space-efficient office that’s free of clutter or awkward spaces.

Last but not least, ergonomics should never be overlooked when choosing the right work office cubicles. The physical comfort of the employee has far-reaching effects on their own life as well as the company they work for. Choosing work surfaces and chairs whose relative surface heights produce strain-free work activity for you and employees leads to maintenance of physical health and low fatigue, as well as increased productivity and morale in the work place.

Cubicle World has work office cubicles of every kind and size, so you’re bound ones that you find perfect for your one-of-a-kind office setting. Having trouble making a selection? You can call us for a quick chat or a full consultation, always free of charge and with no obligation to purchase, so that we can guide you to a workstation that’s right. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free office space planning services, and keep in mind that no matter what kind of purchase you make, your shipping is always 100% free. Give us a call at Cubicle World today!

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