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January 18, 2017
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Doors On Cubicles. Think about this.

You may have several questions, such as “Can cubicles even be connected to doors?” Yes, they can. You may also wonder about quality, and you’re right to do so.

If you have employees or managers needing doors on their cubicles, start looking around now so you can make the best, most educated decision.

Doors Fit High-Wall Cubicles

Cubicle doors fit high-wall cubicles. If you think about it, attaching a door to a cubicle with low walls won’t work. The low walls defeat the purposes and intents for which the door was purchased – privacy and added quiet.

Because some cubicle doors are attached to the ceiling, it makes sense that the cubicle has high walls. These cubicles may be reserved for management and owners, as well as anyone who needs to focus completely on details of their work without being disturbed by loud conversations or phone calls taking place nearby.

Get Additional Privacy

A solid wood door easily deflects curiosity that someone passing by may feel. The person walking by may wonder who has been called into the office and why. That shouldn’t matter. Whether the person meeting with management is being reprimanded or rewarded, the matter should stay private until the time comes to make the information public.

Staffers occupying cubicles with doors don’t even have to be management. It’s a good practice to assign these cubicles to anyone who’s working on confidential or even top-secret contracts, confidential numbers or personnel issues. How many times has confidential information become public knowledge because the wrong person became privy to it, without the knowledge of the employee working on it?

Deflect Unwanted Noises

Just how many staffers do you have who need to work in quiet conditions? It shouldn’t matter whether it’s because of the nature of their work or that they just can’t work well in a noisy environment. When you are able to provide an environment that meets the needs of a majority of your staff, your business benefits.

You’ve probably spoken to workers who just work better in more quiet environments. Look around you and listen. You hear phone conversations and conversations between employees; keyboards clicking as workers type; someone’s crunching popcorn at an obnoxious sound level; and someone – right over there in that corner – doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “quiet music.” This is what your staffers face every day.

Some of your office teams (web designers, graphic designers and IT) have jobs that practically demand a quiet environment. Doors on their cubicles will help tremendously.

Potential Feature Availability

Cubicle doors can attach to the ceiling or be free-standing. The doors can be solid wood, which really helps with the sound level. They will stand about 115 inches high, the same height as a door for a standard office.

Give us a call here at Cubicle World and we’ll show you how cubicle doors can change your work environment. Find the cubicles you need at Cubicle World and don’t forget the doors!

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