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December 21, 2015

Looking for new executive office furniture shouldn’t be a project you start and finish in one day, or even one week. You want your office to look good and project a professional atmosphere. This means you’re going to have to visit us here at Cubicle World, so you can see those executive suites and decide which one best meets your needs and your office environment. Go ahead and ask questions of our professional staff. They will help steer you toward the furniture that you’ve been looking for.

Features to Look for

Your executive office furniture has to fill several features. You need form and function. You want what you buy to be attractive, even as it performs other functions, such as storage and comfort. Here’s what you need to check off as you narrow down what you’re going to buy:

º Comfort
º Size
º Style
º Ergonomics
º Price

Yes, you have to consider price. You don’t want to pay too much – or too little for the furniture you buy. You’ll break your budget both ways, because if you buy “budget” furniture, thinking it’s the smart financial move, you’re going to end up replacing it sooner than you anticipated.


Your managers don’t want to sit at their desks, developing persistent backaches because their chairs are too big, too small or not ergonomically designed.

When you look for new executive office chairs, let the sales staff know you require adjustable chairs. They should adjust for both height and angle. Ask about lumbar support. As you and your managers sit in your chairs for several hours, your lower back takes the strain. That lumbar support reduces unnecessary strain. The seat padding should be sufficient to allow for comfortable sitting for several hours at a time. It should also stand up to several years’ wear.

Use your sense of touch to help guide you to high-quality executive furniture. These will be soft to the touch. At the same time, they will stand up to daily wear.


You don’t want such large executive desks that your staff can’t move around easily. If you order the largest desks available, your staff won’t be able to move around safely. In addition, those larger desks mean you won’t be able to order enough desks for everyone.

On the flip side, desks that aren’t large enough mean your managers can’t store everything and that limited desktop space will lead to messy surfaces. Ask our professionals for guidance here.


What is your business’ atmosphere or personality? Formal? Traditional? High-tech? If you own or manage a tech firm, those dark wood desks won’t reflect your high-tech atmosphere. A law firm won’t reflect its formality by ordering glass-topped desks with chrome legs.

When clients walk into your office, you want your office furnishings to reflect what your business is about. Look around your office and look at new executive furniture that reflects what you already have.


Price is a factor. You have a set budget for new executive office furniture. Knowing this, consult with our expert and let them know what you have available to spend for all the furniture you need.

Remember quality and don’t gravitate to the cheap furniture so you save a few hundred dollars. Shop for quality furniture in then price range your business can afford as you think about replacing your executive office furniture.

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