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Refurbished Glass Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
August 2, 2016
Glass Office Cubicles For Sale In Cypress Texas & Hempstead Tx.

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Glass Cubicles Boost Collaboration & Productivity

Looking at the different options open to you, it’s possible you are wavering between cubicles with traditional fabric-covered partitions and those with glass partitions. Take a longer look at those glass cubicles, because you could potentially increase the productivity of your employees, especially when they need to work together on a mutual assignment. And, when your employees need their privacy, they’ll still have it. So, don’t get rid of the idea of cubicles entirely. You and your employees need the advantages and benefits of both privacy and collaboration.

Glass Cubicles

Look carefully at the images of glass cubicles in those brochures you’ve been collecting. Write down your questions and concerns, because they will come up. Next, call our furniture experts at Cubicle World, so they can introduce you to all the features and benefits of glass cubicles.

As you gaze at all those images, you see a huge variety of cubicles, with some being more traditional cubicles topped with dividers. Next, you’ll see small spaces that are completely enclosed with glass, enabling the occupant to look out and work in privacy. Those working outside that cubicle can look in and see the person inside. Yet, that person gets the full advantage of quiet and relative privacy. Cubicle groupings with short glass walls divide the employees, allowing them to work, with the ability to see each other as they work and discuss their projects with each other.

Collaboration versus Private Work

At times, your employees need and want to work with each other as they go through all of their assignments. During other times, they seek quiet and privacy, especially when they are working on something that requires a high level of concentration or confidentiality. Cubicles that allow them to get work done on their own yet enable them to work on projects as team members can include glass cubicles.

If your employees need quiet as well as privacy, those smaller cubicle spaces that are enclosed on four sides with glass can meet their needs. Set aside a few of these for those times when your employees require quiet or privacy.

Cubicles with Glass Divider Walls

Front-line employees can easily work in traditional cubicles equipped with glass divider partitions. Depending on what you and they decide is needed, these divider partitions can be less than a foot high, or they can be a few feet high, which helps to deflect a little of that noise that travels from area to area.

Glass Walls, Collaboration and Accessibility

Think about all the options open to you as you decide what you need. If you don’t want or need a fully open office with benched systems, then glass cubicles may be a solution that fits your business’ needs.

Look at what your employees do. If you notice three or four of them going to an area that’s separate from everyone else, a glass cubicle enclosed by four full-length glass walls may be what they need. Or, if they collaborate for a short while out of their day, then traditional cubicles with glass divider walls may meet their needs. Browse our cubicles today.

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