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March 7, 2019
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Why pick anything other than Cubicle World’s do-it-yourself office cubicles as a low-cost way to conveniently and efficiently organize your office space? Whether starting a new company, moving into a new office, or renovating your existing one, do-it-yourself office cubicles are a perfect opportunity to create the right workspaces for your employees.

With the ability to be assembled in mere seconds and without the need for tools or trained professionals to assemble them, you can have an entire office of do-it-yourself office cubicles set up in no time and with little to no hit to your day-to-day business operations. Their flexibility and scalability means that they would make a great addition to any office large or small, no matter the nature of your business.

Do-it-yourself office cubicles wouldn’t be what they are without their ability to offer much-needed privacy to its users in the form of various sizes of partition panels. Studies have shown that offices utilizing open, partitionless layouts can be highly distracting. While healthy coworker interaction is a good thing, there can be no limit to the amount of distraction this can lead to.

At an essential level, do-it-yourself office cubicles offer personal worker privacy, both visual and acoustic, to interrupt the continuous environmental stimuli that lead to lack of concentration and stress. These walls help to reinforce personal focus as well as mood and workplace productivity among users.

Cubicle World offers do-it-yourself office cubicle partitions in heights of 4’ and 6’, with or without the option of a window, so that comfort levels can be more specially controlled for personal comfort.

Often cubicles come with built-in work surfaces, storage bins, and other bells and whistles. While these predetermined or user-specified features can be very convenient, sometimes freeing up the partitions from the rest of the workstation can be even more helpful.

This is where do-it-yourself office cubicles have a great advantage. With these partitions, your workspace can grow or shrink over time as changing needs for space and new hires may demand it, all without the need for tools or special assembly team.

Cubicle World offers a variety of available dimensions for the panels and posts that comprise this highly configurable do-it-yourself office cubicle system. They can be mixed and matched to your preferences in order to lend a high level of adaptability and creativity to your system of workstations.

After choosing your preferred colors and sizes, select how many panels and posts are to be used. Then, simply slide the panels into their corresponding posts according to your chosen layout. The silver posts are extruded squares of an anodized aluminum, giving them a sleek, modern look. With two available heights–4’ or 6’–these posts can accept a panel on each of their four sides, giving you the ability to expand your field of do-it-yourself office cubicles in multiple directions and configurations.

Lightweight yet durable, this do-it-yourself office cubicle system is comprised of 2” thick, stylish acoustical fabric panels that provide optimal sound-dampening qualities. Panels range in various heights (4’ and 6’) and widths (2’, 3’, 4’, and 6’), so a more accurately-sized work area can be achieved. We have over 20 attractive color options of fabric available, from bright and fun to muted and neutral, so you’re sure to find a color that will agree with your interior decor.

Thanks to the pushpin-accepting nature of these fabric panels, do-it-yourself office cubicles can also expand their role as display areas for various purposes. This includes use as a presentation space, bulletin board, or other office-wide message display It can also be in a more personal way, with employees posting family photos and children’s artwork, calendars, and various work-related notes.

Depending on the height of the do-it-yourself office cubicle partitions you select, you have an option to include a window in the top portion of the panels for when more light is needed to brighten up your workstation.

Thanks to their high degree of customizability, do-it-yourself office cubicles are a virtually universal workstation solution. It proves to be an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and industries, so many ideas for their use are possible. Across various office settings, the do-it-yourself office cubicle system is perfect for when growth is expected in your company.

As space is destined to become more scarce with new hires, more efficient use of space may be necessary. Individual workstations may need to become smaller. Conversely, individual do-it-yourself office cubicles could physically grow to become multi-user workstations or collaborative clusters of personnel in the case of a new department or company project team. You can form a perimeter wall around a multi-user workstation composed of open desks. You can also strategically use different-height panels within one department to regulate privacy versus collaboration.

Using our tallest available panels, do-it-yourself office cubicles can also create private office suites in lieu of sheetrocked walls to give some organizational distinction between executive and non-executive staff. Not everyone may need their own separate workstation in the office. Clusters of do-it-yourself office cubicles can form loose boundaries around non-partitioned work zones, giving them a sense of privacy while making unique use of an open-plan office environment.

There’s no reason that your use of do-it-yourself office cubicles can’t go beyond the typical employee workstation. Many spaces that require clarity of communication can benefit from the noise-dampening acoustical fabric paneling. Do-it-yourself office cubicles can form spaces of multiple sizes for different types of exchanges, including business conferences, team project meetings, client meetings, job interviews, and lunch breaks.

As said before, do-it-yourself office cubicles are the toolless option for quickly building out workstations at little cost or sacrifice of time. However, this system does offer another use that requires very minimal use of tools, and can even take less time to set up. Our wall-mounted do-it-yourself office cubicle panels can extend wing-like from your office walls.

While this configuration offers less privacy–an employee’s only separation from other coworkers are simply via side panels–it does afford a simple and quick solution, especially in situations where square footage per employee is low or on the decline. The wall mount bracket is a two-piece system that works with any size option of do-it-yourself office cubicle panel you choose, including the optional window. Simply slide the paneling along the bracket to affix it to the wall.

To give a sense of consistency to the overall do-it-yourself office cubicle system, the bracket is made of the same anodized extruded aluminum as the post, which itself slides into the open end of the panel for extra stability.

Wall-mounted do-it-yourself office cubicles can be a good option when the walls of a high-density office must be activated to make the most use of floor space. As you may know, call center employees are often densely concentrated while constantly engaging clients on phone calls. This gives an employee a heightened need for clear communication and understanding amid all the distractions.

Wall-mounted do-it-yourself office cubicle partitions allow for tighter control of workstation size while also providing excellent noise control thanks to our acoustical fabric, which has a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of 0.65. Another use of these partitions is in offices whose workers see many clients daily for one-on-one consultations.

To name just a few, tax stations as well as insurance companies may want to provide a good amount of privacy to their visitors while still striving to maintain an open, welcoming environment. Wall-mounted do-it-yourself office cubicle partitions are a good way to negotiate these competing needs.

No matter your industry, the size of your company, or they style of your space, do-it-yourself office cubicles offer a workstation system that’s guaranteed to satisfy the unique needs of your workplace with little hassle and at low cost.

Whether free-standing or wall-mounted, there’s a solution for everyone, so contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine just how we can get you to a unique solution for you. We guarantee free shipping with every order you place. Don’t hesitate to call us today at (713) 412-3090!

Do It Yourself Office Cubicles – FREE Quote 713-412-3090

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