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April 16, 2019
No matter what kind or size of company you have, you’re bound to find inexpensive office cubicles as a key workplace fixture that will support all aspects of how you do business. In recent years, our conception of the perfect office design layout has changed with the goal of fostering creativity, productivity, and well-being in the average office worker.

The open-concept layout re-envisioned not just how employees worked with each other but how companies spent money—or didn’t spend money—on such workstation elements as partitioning and paneling that might come in the form of inexpensive office cubicles. We tore down barriers to engage more collaboratively and creatively with our peers, only now to find we that should have left a few up.

Without physical barriers, too much distraction in the office can occur too easily, and many employees found that being fully part of the mix was actually stressful as well. Conveniently incorporating all of the features necessary for a complete workstation in one compact space, inexpensive office cubicles can once again enjoy a place in the modern office, where workers can have a rest from prying eyes and continuous noise to stay on task on their own terms.

There may be a number of reasons that you’re looking for a workstation that’s low-cost yet well-built. Everyone loves to save money whenever they can, but for some it may be more of a necessity. If you’re part of a startup or a small business and you just don’t have the funds to pour into costly, top-of-the-line office furniture, then inexpensive office cubicles would be perfect for you.

They offer an almost endless number of customizable features that can be tailored by its user to best support their specific workload, all while offering a reasonable level of visual and sound privacy for concentration, and at a low price to boot.

Since cost is a function of material, size, features, and other variables, our experts at Cubicle World always welcome a call from you for a free consultation where you can determine together which inexpensive office cubicle works best for you at the right price.

Material choice may be one of the more obvious factors in the price of your inexpensive office cubicle, due to its highly visual nature. There is a vast range of materials out there to choose from, which can contribute to a workstation’s unique look. There are hundreds of choices based on such categories as size, color, texture, finish, grade, and so on.

With these cost determinants it’s wise not to judge the material’s quality based on its price point, since the sense of worth is a relative quality determined largely by the circumstances. Inexpensive office cubicles are no exception to this. Solid wood may be beautiful to look at in the home or office, but it may be just too expensive and unwieldy to justify its use in a cubicle workstation. Luckily, you can get the look of wood while paying less by opting for high-quality yet durable alternatives like laminates and wood veneers that mimic the look and feel of real wood.

Since worksurfaces are often made of laminate, there are several grades to choose from, with high-grade being more costly. A mid-grade option puts you in a nice middle ground where you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for an attractive, quality workstation.

Fabrics are less expensive overall, and they can be great in their use as exterior partitioning in your inexpensive office cubicle. You may be no stranger to the kind of noise that carries through the workplace as an unwanted distraction to getting work done. Fabric is perfect for absorbing sound and reducing echoes, giving meaningful communication more clarity and giving meaningful work more focus

Like laminates and veneers, fabric ranges in color and pattern depending on your own tastes. On top of working with hundreds of office furniture and cubicle manufacturers around the world, Cubicle World founder and president Jerry Mogyorody has built a vast supply chain with multiple procurement avenues to source all of the necessary raw materials. In this way, inexpensive office cubicles are well within reach as Jerry can either find or build for you a workstation that meets all of your needs within your final budget.

More customizability for your inexpensive office cubicle comes in the form of storage features and organization elements. Tool rails are a common cubicle feature that can accommodate a number of different organizing features such as horizontal shelves for books and papers, vertical pockets for catalogs, and diagonal trays for binders. Cubby holes can store loose documents and drawers can store files and other objects. Overhead storage bins can also be helpful, with lighting on the underside for visual tasks on the worksurface below. A bulletin board can also be a good way to pin notes, memos, and personal items.

These are all useful features overall, but your inexpensive office cubicle may have no need for some of them. Why spend money on extra features that won’t get any real use? The best thing to do is for any would-be user of a cubicle to assess how they work and what that entails in terms of physical support.

If you’re in a paperless office, for example, then all those cool organizational features designed to handle paper become useless and a waste of space. In short, a waste of money better spent elsewhere. When you think in this frame of mind, it can be easy to get exactly what you need with inexpensive office cubicles!

We’re always ready to help you to determine the best attractive, quality inexpensive office cubicles for your office and workflow needs. We pride ourselves in value by offering free consultations and estimates with no obligation to buy.

We also strive to maintain short lead times when we deliver your office cubicles free of charge, as well as offer continued maintenance and repair programs. Don’t hesitate to call Cubicle World now at (713) 412-3090!

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