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Contemporary Modern Receptionist Desks For Sale In Houston, Texas
January 19, 2016

Modern Reception Desks Tips

Today’s reception desks fill many roles. First, they, along with your receptionist, welcome visitors to your business. Second, they give an impression of your company to clients and customers – hopefully, that impression is a positive one. Finally, modern reception desks should allow your receptionists to be able to store excess work supplies out of the way when they aren’t needed.

Functions of a Reception Desk

º Have sufficient storage space where your receptionist works. They need plenty of cabinets and drawers in which they can store handbags, staplers, extra paper, pens, highlighters and other items. Make sure your receptionist and anyone else who covers this area keeps it looking clean and presentable.

º Unique as the focal point of the entry area. You want it to be clear to visitors where they should announce themselves when they come to your office. Your reception desk should have some quality that sets it apart from other front-office furnishings. Perhaps it has curved lines when the rest of the furniture has straight lines. It may have one or two colors featured in your logo.

º Sufficient seating and working space for your receptionist. They need to be able to sit behind this desk and work comfortably and efficiently. If the working area is so small that it’s cluttered, your receptionist won’t be as productive as they could be.

Sufficient Storage

Because you want to give each visitor a positive first impression of your company, you want the reception area and desk to be neat and presentable at all times, not only when you or other employees are expecting clients or customers to visit. If your receptionist is responsible for handling some of the paperwork, make sure they have the space they need:

º Two-drawer filing cabinet
º Keyboard tray
º Deep drawers for bulky office supplies

Modern or Classic?

Think of the atmosphere of your company. Is it a high-tech firm or a more traditional business firm? If it is a company where you can easily select a reception desk made of chrome, glass or other materials, then choose a desk that expresses your company’s modern mindset. Some of these firms could include:

º Graphic design
º Website builder
º Architectural firm
º Publishing company

When customers walk in for the first time, you want them to be able to connect the “look” of your front area to the work your business does. A curved reception desk made from materials other than wood help reflect this. Sufficient lighting on the desk can help communicate this message as well.

Wood or Glass and Chrome?

Law firms and accounting firms are two classic examples of the types of businesses that should opt for conservative wood modern reception desks. Add a few eye-catching touches that set your business apart from others, such as inset glass panels or two different desk heights.

An ultra-modern IT and web design firm can easily get away with choosing an all-white reception desk with a glowing light strip along the bottom of the desk. Most traditional businesses can’t; for this reason, they should stick to reception desks made from wood. In fact, that reception area can suggest the exclusivity of the firm with a tall wall with inset lighting. As you learn more about the reception desks you can buy for your business, remember to consult with our experts here at Cubicle World. Browse our office furniture to find the perfect modern reception desk. Then, contact us for help.

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