Office Cubicle Workstations Designed By Cubicle World

Office Cubicle Workstations Designed By Cubicle World
September 23, 2019
Making plans to set up an office for your business in a large room with tall walls and windows, office cubicle workstations are the best furniture choice for you. Before you purchase, however, you would want more information about this type of office furniture.

What is the functionality of office cubicle Workstations?

First, individual workstations with partitions are often referred to as half walls cubicles. Office cubicles in most cases have an L-shape or U-shape configuration depending on if it’s equipped with two or three dividers. Given its size and structure, such a cubicle workstation gives each employee enough space to execute their assignments with privacy.

Office cubicle workstations can be placed next to each other with no distance between them. You can form rows or groups together. Configuring cubicle workstations together can save a large amount of space. typically, if you configure your office space, with a space planning CAD drawing, you can place more employees within the same space and the worker will feel perfectly comfortable.

What Are Office Cubicle Workstation Benefits?

Most cubicle workstations feature a desk with drawers. Cubicle desks define the contours and size of the workstation. The height and structure of the divider vary from one model to another. Some workstations have higher dividers which feature shelves and even overhead bins or bookcases. Others have lower partitions so employees working next to each other can encourage collaboration.

Most cubicle workstations offer a cable management system integrated into the workstation. Commonly, the more useful features the more functional the workstation. Office chairs are normally purchased separately, but you can expect to get a discount if you are ordering in bulk.

How Important Is Cubicle Size?

Normally office cubicles measure 8 by 8 feet. There are smaller and larger ones available as well. It is important to note that the length of the partition plays a role in configuring the size. The longer the partition the larger the work area for each worker. Managers should make a decision on workstation size based on the available space and the number of employees that you want to accommodate. Most employees chooser cubicles over the open office layout because of the privacy and the noise reduction which cubicle workstations provide. Different components can be selected with maximum worker comfort in mind. Contact us today.

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